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Every year, the Halloween Scare Laws smash all kinds of fear-inducing boundaries for what is normally considered acceptable behavior in public...

But this Halloween, these two guys really have pushed things right to the limit. Their awful prank is set in a parking lot. One is adorned with a chainsaw and bloody clothes, the other with half a body and the facial expressions of someone being pursued by a Jason Vorhees with PMS.

So, this year, if you're interested in performing a very cruel but very cool prank, this tutorial is for you...


Step One

Appear from the corner of dark, indoor parking lot, with prosthetic severed limbs, and drag yourself in the direction of the most normal looking passers-by you can find.


Step Two

Get your pal in the bloody overalls to begin chasing you around said indoor parking lot.


Step Three

Suspend yourself from the ceiling, entrails everywhere, proceed to scare the sh*t out of the general public, and watch as they soil themselves as they try to flee.

(Is this even legal!?)


Step Four

Continue the pseudo-butchery. And don't go easy on the fake blood.

In fact, do everything you can to draw attention to yourself...


Step Five

And watch with glee as grown men cry like babies and run for the hills

Hey, who can blame them!?

Check out the video in full here, if you think you can handle it:

Those guys had better be careful or, one day, one of them is going to end up with a bullet in their butt... A lot of the time it's shoot first ask questions later and, I guess if a dude was coming at me with a chainsaw and I happened to have a gun on me, I'd shoot, too.


What d'you think, have horror pranks gone too far?

(Source: VitalyzdTv)


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