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The Walking Dead Season 5 certainly opened with an explosive episode filled to the rim with gun fire and the gratuitous killing of walkers. It was, in many ways, quite simply a cavalcade of action and now we've got a new behind the scenes video showing how the production team managed to pull it all off.

As well as showing off the makeshift weapons the team puts together, the video also goes into detail about how those various bloody zombie kills were achieved. Go behind the scenes in the video below:

But that's not all, AMC are also releasing special featurettes following each episode of season 5. This week's mainly concerns the emotional reunion of the group, as well as the motivations of some of the primary characters. Feast your eyes on that below:

As mentioned above, it looks like AMC is following HBO's Game of Thrones strategy by releasing behind the scenes and in-depth discussion videos after each episode of The Walking Dead. With that in mind, make sure to keep an eye out for these following next weeks episode, Strangers.


The premiere of The Walking Dead Season 5...



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