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After everything that went down between them, you'd think there'd be quite a bit of bad blood between Rick and Shane (if, of course, Shane hadn't had his head blown off by a child). Andrew Lincoln, however, seems to have taken the moral high-ground and expressed his regret about killing Shane.

The Walking Dead gang all recently assembled at the New York Comic-Con and fielded some questions from the crowd. When asked how Rick felt regarding the end of his 'Ricktatorship,' Lincoln explained that he had become tired with Rick "being a farmer" adding that his character would really "come into his own" this season. He continued:

I think you meet a man very much at the peak of his powers, I've loved playing him this season...he just kills so many...ach! [At this point Lincoln had to stop himself from revealing too much information].

It also seems Rick's more utilitarian approach to the zombie apocalypse has made him reconsider what he did to an increasingly aggressive Shane in Season 2. He claimed he wished "he hadn't killed Shane" since now Rick can see that his erstwhile friend could have been "onto something."

Indeed, it seems The Walking Dead Season 5 will be a particularly brutal time for Rick and the gang. Almost all of the members of The Walking Dead panel went to great lengths to explain Season 5 would be 'bloody' and 'violent,' with some also hinting at big losses.

With Rick's gang getting bigger all the time, I think we really can expect to lose one or two characters throughout Season 5. But who do you think could be for the chop?


Which version of Rick do you prefer?

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