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Jess O'Kane

Gunning for the title of 2014's strangest plotlines, John Wick is an action movie with a difference.

Starring Keanu Reeves as the titular ex-hitman who returns to business after Russian criminals break into his house and kill his dog, the film is the most sassy the Matrix star's been in years.

Directed by Keanu's former stunt double David Leitch, and Chad Stahelski, it also stars Adrianne Palicki, Michael Nyqvist, Ian McShane, Bridget Moynahan, and Game of Thrones' Alfie Allen.

Lionsgate have released a new clip from the movie from an intense scene in which Wick confronts the two masked intruders in his house. It's a taughtly directed taste of what's to come, and if the early reviews are anything to go on, [John Wick](movie:1116115) might just be the surprise hit of 2014.

John Wick will be released October 24th - and you can also see the punches being thrown in IMAX. Watch the clip below:


Will you be watching John Wick?


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