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Karly Rayner

As soon as I saw the set pictures from season five, my heart started racing for Alaric and his deep, dark secret.

The newly turned vampire is seen with his love interest Jo after being staked in the corn maze...

...and even worse, his new crush is also bleeding from a wound on her arm.

Surely, considering both of these incidents, Alaric won't be able to hide his vampirism from Elena's pre-med tutor?

I doubt that Alaric has the self control to master his blood lust yet (especially after the blood sausages comment!), and surely seeing someone get staked could only mean one thing to Jo?

This woman seems to have a good head on her shoulders and I doubt she will be blindly accepting any excuses that Alaric manages to churn up.

Let's just hope the truth won't be enough to scare her away if it comes out...


Do you think Jo will learn Alaric's secret?

(Source: Wet Paint)


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