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Now, when it comes to the Matrix Trilogy, a lot of us have...conflicted feelings. For many, the sheer, unadulterated awesomeness of the first film is difficult to reconcile with the sheer, unadulterated disappointment of the sequels. Others think they're all great.

What we can surely all agree on, though, is that those movies were looong. Between all the oracle-ing, dance orgies and mass CGI fight scenes, they were not what you would call brief, by any stretch of the imagination.

So, the prospect of the whole trilogy being summed up in three minutes? Well, that's...a challenge.

Which makes the achievement by the TL;DW gang all the more impressive - because not only have they summed up most of the trilogy in three minutes, but they even found time to include:


In the form of just what pill to take.


In an image of Cypher we can never unsee.

Tax Advice!

Which is an angle on The Matrix we never expected to see...


Because, honestly, what else was coming after that scene...

and, best of all...

The Real Hero of the Movies!

Wait, what?

Y'know what? You might just have to watch it...

Oh, and how about Colonel Sanders? I can't unsee it...


What do you guys think? Love the short form Matrix?

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