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With the premiere episode of Season 5 of [The Walking Dead](series:201193) out of the way, we're ready to sink our teeth into the meat of the rest of the season (as long as it isn't human!). In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, The Walking Dead bosses, Robert Kirkman and Scott Gimple gave us a spark of hope to the big question a lot of comic fans are asking: will Michonne take over Andrea's role?

Warning: Possible comic spoilers ahead!

Confused? Let me fill you in. Unlike the TV series, in the comic series of The Walking Dead the character of Andrea is alive, not nearly as annoying as TV Andrea and the girlfriend of Rick Grimes. Andrea is Rick's second girlfriend post-Lori (the other sadly met her fate) and Carl Grimes even calls her 'mom'. Aw!

Obviously the Rick and Andrea storyline can no longer work in the TV series, as walker/human relations have the tendency to lead to lunacy and death. Let us not forget poor Clara.

So, what about Michonne taking up Andrea's role and becoming a love interest for Rick? Over the past two seasons the two have grown very close and Michonne and Carl share a strong bond, it wouldn't be totally crazy to think that Richonne could be a very real possibility by the end of Season 5 - and it doesn't sound like Kirkman or Gimple are ruling it out either.

The pair told The Hollywood Reporter:

As far as Rick and Michonne, their relationship will grow even more intimate and even more tight, but I don't know if there's really going to be room for romance with the things that are happening. They're very close.

More intimacy, alright! As far as romance goes, that could totally be something that builds over time, and anyway, if the rumors are true it sounds like the second half of Season 5 could be the perfect time (and setting) for a new romance.

Rick, Carl and Andrea in the comic series
Rick, Carl and Andrea in the comic series

However The Hollywood Reporter probed the pair further, asking if the pair missed having the Andrea and Rick love story to write for.

Gimple replied:

the person in question is dead on the show, but in some way, in some manner as we remix things, we're still going to tell some manner of that story.

While Kirkman followed by saying:

...When we get to that material, we'll either adapt it or we won't. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

I like the sound of that! Aside from fan approval I think that poor sheriff Rick deserves a new lady in his life, even before Lori's death in Season 3 the two were never a strong pair and with two kids to raise, it seems like Rick is due a bit of love.


Do you think that Michonne will take over Andrea's role in the comics and be Rick's new love interest?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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