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So recently Warner Bros released an official line-up of their superhero films up until 2020. The list goes as follows:

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice - March 25th, 2016
Suicide Squad – August 5th, 2016
Wonder Woman - June 23rd, 2017
Justice League - November 17th, 2017
The Flash - March 23rd, 2018
Aquaman - July 27th, 2018
Shazam - April 5th, 2019
Justice League 2 - June 14th, 2019
Cyborg - April 3rd, 2020
Green Lantern - June 19th, 2020

though, please don't lean too heavily on the New 52
though, please don't lean too heavily on the New 52

And... wow. That's a lot of films.It's also pretty awesome. I mean, guys, we're finally getting a Wonder Woman film!!! (Which, incidentally was announced a day after I did an atricle about her solo film here) The world has been waiting 70 odd years for that, and we're gonna be the generation that sees it. And we're seeing Flash, Cyborg, Aquaman and Green Lantern films, not to mention Suicide squad, Shazam and 2 Justice League flicks. I'm also hearing that Batman and Superman are getting solo films of their own by 2020.

But while this is all well and good, I'm not sure I'm all that confident about whether or not these films will be done right. I mean, it just feels they've rushed out a slate of films purely for the sake of it rather than getting scripts and directors before green-lighting the project on solid evidence. Which is a little concerning. After all, while I'm super excited to see a Cyborg movie, and really surprised about a Suicide Squad picture, I'd much rather DC waited a bit longer and made sure that they nailed it.

And start by making sure THIS is awesome
And start by making sure THIS is awesome

In fairness, I don't know if they have a script for Wonder Woman yet, but they've announced this massive slate on the back of one film, Man of Steel. Which was a... ok, it was a very mixed bag, but one major criticism is that it didnt really do justice (hehe) to Superman and while there was a lot I really liked, it doesn't fill me with confidence about an Aquaman film.

It just feels a little pre-emptive of Warner to announce such an optimistic line-up and while I'm a DC fan and there's properties there that get my heart beating a little faster and I like seeing DC one-up Marvel, I am just a bit nervous about the overall quality we're going to see in these upcoming films.

Though even if they suck, we'll get great fan art
Though even if they suck, we'll get great fan art

There's also the matter of Zach Snyder now officially directing both Justice League films. There was a time somewhere around Watchmen when that would have sounded great to me (yeah, I really liked Watchmen, It's my kind of film, though it wasn't as good as the graphic novel) but now, post Sucker Punch, Legend of the Guardians and Man of Steel, I don't feel like he's the guy to make the ideal Justice League film. Don't get me wrong, he's an incredibly talented director, and Sucker Punch is the only film of those three I would consider "bad", but I can't envision him as creating a DC universe that anywhere near parallels that of either the comics or the Animated universes. But hey! I'd love to be proved wrong.

But what do you guys think? Agree? Disagree? Excited? Scared? Feel free to share your opinions below. And till next time, enjoy your lives guys!


What do you think of DC's new film slate?


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