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This is probably the coolest news story I've heard in a while. Jagram, a father of three boys in India, is truly a REAL-life Liam Neeson from the [Taken 3](movie:678612) series. What he did to protect his sons (and eventually many more children) will restore your faith in humanity.

Jagram traveled 500 kilometers (about 310 miles) from Uttar Pradesh to Nepal with one sole purpose. A very important purpose - to save his 3 boys who had been kidnapped, trafficked, and turned into slaves. It took him 20 days to find them and I'm sure there were moments where he thought he would never get them back. Truly a parent's worst nightmare. As for the young boys, their living conditions were horrible, working from 3 am to 5 pm every day with no rest in between and only two meals per day.

There was much less cell phone usage involved than in Taken, and it turns out the only particular "set of skills" Jagram needed included unconditional love for his boys and dedication to finding them. What he did is incredible: He went undercover as a beggar and worked manual labor jobs to get closer to the factory where his sons worked - then eventually freed them and four other children, waiting until the right night to escape, hiding himself and the children under piles of sand in a paddy field until they could make it to the bus station.

Sadly, while escaping, they were captured by the traffickers and beaten up right after they thought they were safe. Jagram managed to dupe the traffickers into letting him leave. He went straight to the police, who then raided the factory and took the owner and his assistant into custody while around 100 OTHER children were rescued!

So, a few take-aways from this real-life Taken scenario: Jagram wasn't a trained assassin, he just loved his boys. Annnnnd, he didn't have to go all vigilante to get them un-Taken.

Also, this teaches me that the police can actually handle things, too, doesn't ALWAYS have to be you, Liam. Take a tip from Jagram in the next movie - you deserve to take a load off, man. Let the cops help you! I've been saying this throughout the duration of the first two movies.

But whatever happens in Taken 3, I think we can all agree that Jagram's tale is a story of real-life bravery that most of us could never even imagine.


What is the most bad-ass part of Jagram's story?


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