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Unless you've been living under a rock the past week, you already know that RDJ is in negotiations with Marvel to sign on and have a role in Captain America 3. Now, don't get me wrong, when in heard about this, I was just as excited as the next guy. Just like everyone else, I love RDJ as Tony Stark and will never be disappointed to find out he will be in another movie. I also think its a great move to give Stark a role in Cap 3 rather than making room for a fourth iron man film. I don't, however, think it would be a good idea to make Cap 3 the actual civil war story line, and I don't think thats the direction Marvel is taking their movies. Now, before you continue, everything here is pretty much just speculation and my own personal thoughts and opinions. If you disagree or have concrete evidence that proves me wrong, let me know in the comments! I'm always open to new information.

Alright, lets start out with 'Age of Ultron' seeing as its Marvel's next big block buster. So far, we've been given a pretty big impression that Ultron is going to do a number on our heroes as seen with Cap's broken shield.

Pretty awesome in my opinion
Pretty awesome in my opinion

Now, to me this is pretty big symbolism for team falling apart, which we'll get to see in the Hulk VS Hulk Buster fight (which will be nothing less than epic). So if the team is starting to fall apart, then it makes sense that IM and Cap will really begin to but heads in a way that will flow with the theme of the movie. So if the team is shattered, much like Cap's Shield, then it would make sense that they all part ways in the end, giving Cap a reason to start a new team which has been confirmed to be the post-credit scene of the movie.

So now we skip forward and follow Cap and IM to the third installment of the Captain America series. I know everyone wants this to the the Civil War movie, but I'm just not feeling it. This is a Captain America movie and should be treated as such. Cap has a lot of great mythology to pull from, and the Russo Brothers have already stated that they're looking to pull from that as well as "blow minds" with the script, which is exactly how I think it should be done. Instead of having Tony Stark as the villain, lets let an actual Cap baddie take the stage (keeping my fingers crossed for the return of the Red Skull!). Instead, lets make Stark a sub plot that could effect Cap and his team, lets take our time in getting to the Civil War and not rush into things. The Captain America movies so far have all lead straight into the avengers movies, with the 'First Avenger' introducing the Tesseract and then ending Rodgers entering the modern world; and then again in 'Winter Soldier' with the fall of SHIELD, which will obviously have a pretty big effect on the 'Age of Ultron' and then teasing Scarlet Witch and Quick Silver. So why shouldn't the third Cap do the same? Maybe, Tony's role in the movie would be to get the super hero registration act approved by the government (that takes a long ass time, and would be realistic to say that it took an entire movie to accomplish). Then, in the end, with the new Act approved, Cap and IM could have a fight, either a small verbal dispute, or something as big as their first fight, leading right into the third avengers film.

Alright, so now we get into the Avengers 3, hopefully with as many of our original Avengers as possible along with the shining new faces of new avengers, like Ant-Man and Dr. Strange. Now, the plot of this movie is still pretty unclear (as it should be, the first sequel hasn't even come out yet!), but I'm hoping this would be when Marvel tells the full blown Civil War storyline, pitting our heroes against each other, Tony Stark creating a prison to contain rebelling heroes, the whole shebang. This would actually be a perfect place to bring in the Netflix characters, after all, they'll be affected by the Super Hero Act as well. They wouldn't even need to have big roles, from what I understand, there will only be one season for each character, then the Defenders, and thats it, so what if we saw Daredevil in the background being taken into custody? Tragic, but pretty awesome.

Now, I'm pretty sure theres only one way to end this movie, and thats with our massive battle, all of our heroes facing off against each other. Of course, to stay true to the comics, Iron Man would win, and whether it was his intentions or not, killing Captain America, an ending to make any fanboy cry harder than the 'death' of agent Coulsen.

The direction of the movies from there would most likely feel the effects of the civil war, hopefully with a sequel cap trilogy where Bucky Barns takes on the role of Captain America (how can he not? He signed on for a butt load of movies with Marvel). The fourth Avengers film could also go in a few different directions, either going straight into an Infinity story or beginning a sequel trilogy as well, creating an even longer build up to Thanos.


So, do you agree, or am I off?


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