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Round three is live! Who will play Dr. Harleen Quinzel, the woman who falls madly in love with the Joker? Who can go from a young, inquisitive psychiatrist full of potential to the crazy Harley Quinn?

With confirmations of yet another Batman solo film in the future and the growing popularity of this character, we should be seeing her in the future. She's already been teased in Arrow's first season. Will she only make an appearance there or can we finally have an amazing female super-villain on the big screen?

Let the voting begin!

Cassidy Alexa: Known for playing "the girl with pig tails" in the Suicide Squad episode of Arrow.

Lindy Booth: Known for Kickass 2 as Night Bitch.


Cassidy Alexa vs. Lindy Booth

Amanda Seyfried: Known for Les Misérables, Lovelace, and Red Riding Hood.

Kristen Bell: Known for Veronica Mars, Forgetting Sarah Marshal, and Frozen.


Amanda Seyfried vs. Kristen Bell

Get ready for the ultimate show down next week!


Do you want to see Harley Quinn in her own solo film OR in a Batman movie?


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