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First, I brief statement regarding remakes. I for one am not categorically opposed to Hollywood remakes as are some fans. Their oppositions stems from the belief that current movies are creatively stagnant and thus reliant on remaking films to boost profits. Taken on face value, I cannot deny that sentiment, but diving deep the truth is that remakes have been a Hollywood staple for decades. Nay a founding principle on which the film industry is built.

Here's a short list of movies you may or may not know have been remade multiple times: ROBIN HOOD, THE WIZARD OF OZ, A CHRISTMAS CAROL, DRACULA, FRANKENSTEIN

I am not a fan of remaking a film just for the sake of it. If a remake can offer a significant advancement over the original, be it technological, story, tone, performance, or take a great concept that was executed poorly, I am in favor of it. It in no way diminishes the original and if it fails as an “improvement” it is quickly forgotten in favor of the original. Admittedly, some films reached such a level of craftsmanship that they should be deemed untouchable, unremakeable, but that can be discussed at another time.

That being said, let's make a case for THE BEAST MUST DIE.

Peter Cushing coolness!
Peter Cushing coolness!

Released in 1974, and based on the James Blish short story “There Shall Be No Darkness,” THE BEAST MUST DIE is a horror-mystery that revolves around the hunt for a werewolf. Calvin Lockhart stars as a wealthy big game hunter who invites a group of socialites to his private estate, one of which he suspects of being a blood thirsty werewolf and the greatest quarry of his life.

Why should it be remade?

As a cult-classic, TBMD is a campy good time with its 70s B-movie vibe. Due to the small budget, the production values are on the light side. Case in point, the “werewolf” is an overdressed German Shepherd dog. Add in the insertion of a 30 second “Werewolf Break” where the audience guesses the identity of the beast, and this film while not a rotten tomato isn't the ripest in the garden. It is ripe for a remake though.

How to go about it?

Keep it simple. Follow the story. It is a clever twist of turning the hunter (werewolf) into the hunted. The setting of a isolated, private estate reflects classic horror/Gothic themes so that should be played up. Obviously punch of the horror and suspense aspects. More blood and guts wouldn't hurt, but psychological frights should not be left out. Maybe most importantly, create an effectively frightening werewolf that can combine practical and CGI effects.

Down for a remake?


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