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"Don't drink the water" Watch My Movie,

"I just saw the trailer for Sick-N-Contagious. It's contagious, alright. I have to get this movie on disc, so I can watch it over and over and over again. I want all my friends to see the town I lived in during my high school years, and how it ends up. I want blood, gore and hillbilly guts and veins swirling around mah tooth. Ah want the dyin' quivers down bah the ol' swimmin' hol. Yup. Ahmo fix them gollumizin' sumbitches. Then ahmo sew thare heds bak aun with copper wire an' plug 'em in sumares. Wassat noise?

No, really, the trailer is a hoot. Can I get this flick on disc somewhere?" just start an account with


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