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I know I usually speak of movies that i'd love to see on the big screen, but today is a different day. There has been great talk about marvels future and it seems that civil war is almost a certain direction for the marvel universe. This story line is one of my favorites, seeing as how i've read the comic dozens of times. Its finally time to get serious. As a comic lover and movie lover, I believe its time that the studios get down to brass tax and do what needs to be done. In order to start with this story line there is still many characters that need to be introduced to the public audience. Im not gonna cover them all because that would take forever and I tend to get overzealous sometimes and would most likely get carried away.

The first is the great king of the underwater world of atlantis, Namor Mckenzie. He plays a key role in the civil war comic book franshise. Invisible woman (susan storm) went underwater in need of namor and his armies help do fend off iron mans attacks. This story is a key part of the marvel universe and namor plays the great war in the final battle of the series. Namor can be a little sadistic but always lends a hand when it is really needed. His great charcater would do for a great movie.

You know what, Im gonna finish it by not naming one character but by saying this. Every charcater in this picture should have their own cameo apperance or even their own stand alone movie. I know there are many characters there but its a true fact that every character plays a great role in this civil war series, even cable makes a great apperance. The foundation of this story is the fact that captain america rallys every hero there is in order to fight the oppressive side of tony stark. This includes many different characters that have never been seen, and i know many of you have never seen. They all help in their own way in this story line as a fighter trying to fend off every attack and try to survive this unmasked registry that tony trys to force on every one. There are many key players in this series and the fact that so many need introducing goes to show how delayed we are in our marvel unvailment on the big screen. We are here to show the world the beautiful and extensive universe we all grew up with.

Thank you, comment below, and tell me what you think should be the next movie in anticipation of the this war.


What characters do you think should definitely have their own stand alone or cameo before the big civil war?


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