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Minecraft Film is on its way:

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Well after the news of a feature film, based on Tetris and the success of The Lego Movie, it seems Warner Bros didn't want to be left out of the building block movie craze that everyone is talking about. Or that no one is talking about. Or asking for...

Warner Bros. acquired the feature film rights to Minecraft, the 8-bit world-building game, that has been on the top of smartphone top-seller lists for years now. According to a report by Deadline, WB hopes to "launch a multiple audience quadrant film franchise." In other words, they want to make a movie that your grandma and a college stoner would want to go see.

WB is in negotiations with Shawn Levy, who has experience in crafting watchable, yet forgettable movies out of properties that probably should just be left alone. He has directed flicks such as, Night at the Museum and the robot boxing movie starring Hugh Jackman, Real Steel. (Bet ya already forgot about that one.)

There aren't any details on when they are looking to release the movie. However, with Minecraft sales currently burning up the charts on all video game systems, expect production to move quickly on the property,

We will be here to (reluctantly) bring you updates on the Minecraft film.

Okay, it's time for some fan-fiction. Who can come up with the craziest or wildest plot for the Minecraft movie? Let us know your wacky story idea on the comment boards!

Source: Point of Geeks, Deadline


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