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Protector 2 (Warrior King 2)

A review by The Mountain Man (Follow on Twitter @CdnMountainMan)

When the owner of a major elephant camp is murdered, Kham finds himself the number one suspect and on the run from both the police and the deceased's vengeful twin nieces. But luck is on Kham's side when he runs into an Interpol agent sent to Thailand on a secret mission.

Well I will start by saying I thoroughly enjoyed the first installment of the Warrior King franchise. But after watching this installment I am still wondering what I actually watched. It actually took me three attempts to actually get through this movie from start to finish because I was trying to figure out what was going on in the story itself. Even after three attempts I have no idea what they were trying to tell in their story aside from the main plot of Kham trying to get his elephant back.

Shortly into the movie there is a business man that visits Kham and offers to purchase his elephant of which he refuses the ridiculous sum of money offered (Of course). After refusing the offer he goes into town for coconuts and lo and behold someone steals the elephant before he gets back. At which point he traces it back to the leader of an elephant farm based on a card provided at the initial offer. He finds the leader of the elephant farm dead. This is the point at which I think the entire movie completely breaks down.

All of a sudden he is attacked by I figure the daughters of the elephant farm boss and the fight spills onto the roof after a couple of motorcycles come crashing through the door. Shortly after there are apparently what looks like 30 motorcycles running around a jumping on the roof. Kham manages to get down from the roof and hits an intersection and runs into what appears to be 200 motorcycles in the intersection.

Later on you see the appearance of an underground arena/fight club run by an American. I never really understood what the whole underground area brought to the movie aside from a character or two to come in the way of Kham and have a couple good action scenes. But there were a couple of scenes where the CGI looked like a Commodore 64 rendered it. Even the fight scene going on couldn't overpower how bad the CGI actually was. That was the cause of one of the stoppages in my three attempts to get through this movie.

There were some solid fight scenes but overall the movie felt so disjointed I never really understood where things came in and finished off plotwise from the underlying plot of Kham getting the elephant back. Even with it being Tony Jaa and knowing the capability of the action scenes from movies such as the first Protector (Warrior King), Ong-Bak and others they fell short and couldn't pull up the lacking plot and horrible CGI when it happened.

2/5 Beards (On the sheer merit of the action alone nothing more. Not worth the rent)


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