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Alien Isolation

By Mr. J(Todd Puhl)

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Could Sega finally have unlocked the door on how to make an Alien’s video game?I have played every, and I mean every Aliens franchise video game to date. Let us be honest with each other, they definitely had more points in the Loss than Win column, so I went into this game review, very skeptical. I have also reviewed the Aliens: Colonial Marines game when that released a few years back. I barely kept my sanity when I played that horrible game. So let us keep an open mind and give this a shot.


You are Amanda Ripley. The daughter of Ellen Ripley, the most famous scifi female character to date. Well, in my opinion anyways. This story takes place 15 years after Alien. Amanda, is obsessed in finding her mother and what happened to her 15 years ago. She may have gotten a lot more than she bargained for. From the opening of the game it was disaster of events to another and just when you thought you might things are starting to get better. Nope. The game quickly reminds you how screwed you truly are. Amanda hitches a ride on the “The Torrens” courtesy of Christopher Samuel who is a Weyland-Yutani executive to the Sevastopol Station. The flight recorder of the Nostromo was recently located by a ship named Anesidora and is being held aboard this station. The story models after Alien and has no ties nor influenced by the movies that follow. The storyline of this game was magnificently written and as the further you go, the more dark it gets. I do not want to ruin to much of the game but, I promise you 2 things:

You will be terrified from the moment you can start playing

Lockers will become your best friend

4 / 5 Facehuggers


This is the first time SEGA truly excelled in this franchise. I never thought in my life that I would ever play an Aliens game that forced me to turn it off so I could be spared the nightmares. The best part is, you do not see the Alien for quite a long time. But once you do, everything changes. The controls are very easy to pick up and go and straightforward. Major thing you need to come to terms with is that this is PURELY A SURVIVAL GAME. So if you are looking for a pulse rifle with a flamethrower duct taped to it(Aliens reference), its “Game Over, man. GAME OVER.” The aliens AI is absolutely amazing. It truly is designed to your behaviors and hunts you accordingly. Running through air ducts and such will not save you. It will come for you once it see’s you. It will also check open lockers and air ducts and look for whom opened them. Sorry, this game is about strategy. You also use an old style hacking device whereas you line up to enter new areas. Nothing too huge but it brings in the nostalgia of Alien movie feel. The game sadly includes a frustrating save system. The Save points are very few and far. This game also does not utilize Checkpoints. As a game, it makes you leary how far you move in a level as after every major encounter you need to run back and save. I did not find it detrimental, but some reviews I have read by Polygon?IGN/Gamespot make a huge deal out of it. The crafting got very annoying. Everything you needed basically you needed to make. You end up spending more time making health packs and such

3/ 5 Facehuggers


The Creative Assembly, best known for their work on the Total War game series, developed this game and may I add how magnificent it was? I found some minor things which I will get to, but the render rate, alien detail and the soundtrack was terrifying. The way how the layout was completed for the space station/ship was borderline claustrophobic. Everything was narrow, there was air vents above you open and the music kept jumping to make you believe an alien will drop at any time. So before you even get to see the alien for the first time, the game already played on your sanity and wits which made you guess every decision you made. My gripes. The game had some flaws which was a tad annoying. I am very aware that this is a stealth game and I got my crash course on how to deal with other humans very quickly but, what is the point of having guns on the space station when you cannot even loot the body? In my first “mob” attack of humans, I defeated them all carefully with my wrench or whatever what it was and the guns simply fell to the floor. And laid there. Could not pick them up. When I reloaded the scene because I thought it was an error, the guns were no longer lying on the floor, but yet floating above the heads of the mob i dropped. Aimed to their heads. I quickly left the room. Finally, when using a torch, does it need to take up 65% of the view on your screen? Why in gods name would I light a torch and keep it my right front view so I have no vision anything to the right of me.

3/ 5 Facehuggers

Replay Value:

The game replay is mainly high because you will not be able to binge play this game. You will need to take breaks constantly to get back your wits and regroup. Especially with the 2 DLC’s whereas you play as Ellen Ripley on the Nostromos and then play the ending scene of “Alien” where you trying to launch the Xenomorph out of the airlock, there is plenty of reasons to keep playing this game. So this game gets my thumbs up!

4/ 5 Facehuggers


This game gets my seal of approval for obatining at full price. Knowing how cheap I am at times, this is a huge feat for any game. Now only of Sega and Creative Assembly can make an “Aliens” game sequel, that would win the internet completely. Also, we must always have an android spitting milk everywhere. Its a prerequisite of any Alien movie/game. Well played Sega!!

*Stands and claps*

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