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The Percy Jackson books are arguably the most popular books since Harry Potter. The story follows a boy Percy Jackson son of Poseidon as he fights greek gods, and monsters in modern day united states, with his cowardly friend satyr Grover Underwood and fellow demigod genius Annabeth Chase daughter of, Athena. The three go on many adventures together to stop the rise of the Titian Kronos from taking over the world. Now I bet you're asking "we know about this we saw the movie" I reply no you don't know. The movie is an abomination and it does not follow the books in the slightest here are the biggest reasons

  • The trio is supposed twelve at the time of the movie
  • They failed to explain why the gods are in New York
  • The movie does not explain how Chiron fits in his chair
  • They ignore Thalia's story
  • No relationship between Luke and Annabeth
  • No Ares
  • they did not havePercy's and Annabeth's don't have their "moment" on the zoo bus
  • zoo bus
  • The hydra
  • The entire plot (the pearls were a gift)
  • There is no feud between Percy and Annabeth or it does not go that deep into it
  • Percy learning that his mom was alive the entire time
  • No oracle
  • Grovers does not have his side goal on finding Pan
  • Persephone

I have not seen the sea of monsters movie so I can't say what is wrong with it. But I believe that there is some. Now for the big question

Should it be bothered to be rebooted.

Yes! Percy Jackson has now appeared in over 10 books, It has a huge fanbase and the books are sold everywhere. It makes us laugh and cry and teaches us ancient greek mythology

That franchise as it is now is dead and it should stay that way, it should be reincarnated into something beautiful and here how

Make it a TV series

We have all has seen the horrible lightning thief movie, but you have to think why it turned out the way it did, I think that part of the reason is that there is just not enough time to fit and the entire book in 2 hours at a time. It would be better as a 45 minute series with each season a book (lightning thief- season 1, Sea of Monsters-season 2) This way we get the most of the details in the show. Speaking of detail.

Give Rick Riordan some say in the story

Why? Because he is the Author of the story that's why. The story needs to have continuity and with an ever expanding universe like Percy Jackson's every detail needs to be exact. Like in the movie they left out the battle with Ares that is an important detail that comes in down the road.

Make it a cartoon

Frankly the series needs an edge with all the big name shows around. Also, some of the fan art looks beautiful and can surely be beautiful (look above) it be a good story and beautiful to watch. And who does it the best?

Sell the rights to Dreamworks

While Disney is the animation king, they are not known for their longevity. Dreamworks, on the other hand, is known for following the author and asking for their input (HTTYD script was co-written by its author). Also, these guys need a boost to help them with Pixar and Disney stealing all the money. It is rumored that Dreamworks is interested in buying the rights anyway

Optional Get it Animated by Studio Mir

They animated Avatar and Legend of Korra. Nuff said

Air it on Netflix

With the airing speed of Netflix and The power that backs Studio Mir, The speed of Percy Jackson will unmatch. Netflix air there show all at once which can be both good or bad, but that just makes all the effort on more season.Netflix is looking for its own shows to air on their network. With adding Percy Jackson's universe to it would cement its status as a major player for sure.

Why should it be rebooted

In the end Percy Jackson is like a combination of Game of Thrones( from what I am told about it) and Harry potter, also its universe is ever expanding with a series book about the Egyptian gods and an upcoming book about Norse mythology that all takes place in the same universe. The Characters themselves are lovable and relatable. Overall the series is fantastic it can stand itself with Harry Potter, yeah I said it. If something like this happens then Everyone will be happy, and who knows maybe Rick himself will watch it.


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