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Does anyone remember when Gosling wanted to do the role of The Flash or Green Lantern?

Well he isn't done talking superheros yet! According to CineamBlend, Ryan Gosling is now the latest star in talks with Marvel about Doctor Strange! Now that is quite a big change going from Johnny Depp to Benedict Cumberbatch and now to the lady slaying Ryan freaking Gosling. I have mixed feelings for this mainly because I never have seen many Gosling movies (I know that is a terrible thing). But, what do you guys think?

Here is the article:

In a recent THR article, it was reported that Ryan Gosling took a meeting with Marvel for the part of Doctor Stephen Strange, a former neurosurgeon who adopts the powers of Sorcerer Supreme, and protects our planet from magical and mystical threats. Marvel President Kevin Feige has been attempting to get a Doctor Strange movie off the ground for some time now, and the casting of the lead character seems to be the largest obstacle left to overcome.
Ryan Gosling’s name is the latest to land in the hopper of hero consideration – though it might be the strangest to be mentioned in the same breath as Doctor Strange. Gosling hasn’t flirted with tentpoles over the course of his career. He makes movies like Drive, The Place Beyond the Pines, Blue Valentine and Lars and the Real Girl -- smaller, offbeat and director-driven movies that find niche audiences but aren’t, you know, superhero movies.
At the same time, THR notes that Gosling, at age 33, is entertaining more offers for studio-driven blockbuster projects. As we reported earlier, his name is one of the few in the running for David Ayer’s Suicide Squad film over at Warner Bros. And the trade attached Ryan Gosling’s name to Summit’s adaptation of The Secret Life of Houdini: The Making of America's First Superhero. Dean Parisot (of Galaxy Quest) currently is attached to direct that biopic, with Johnny Depp in the running for the part of Houdini. The fifth Pirates of the Caribbean film could halt Houdini plans, but not if Gosling were willing to get involved, as well.

This does not give out a lot of information regarding if this is true or not, but we never know we could be getting the Gosling in the MCU along with RDJ, Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans . But, will it happen? Is this true? Would it be a good move by Marvel? Could he be in the Civil War movie? Tell me in the comments below, take the poll and be sure to check up on more news and CRAVE articles by me! Thanks for reading!


How do you feel about Gosling meeting with Marvel for Doctor Strange?


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