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With DC announcing movies for the next five years including Justice League, [Wonder Woman](movie:45787), and Cyborg, many of us comic book and movie nerds are wanting to know when and/or if the DC cinematic universe and DC television universe will ever have that oh so epic crossover. With Ezra Miller being cast for the role of The Flash in the cinematic universe and Grant Gustin playing the role of the Barry Allen, Flash in the television universe, it would appear the two universes chances of crossing over are bleak at best. Appearances are not always what they seem though. Warning a lot of SPOILERS ahead.

First things first we know that the Flash television series has already hinted at something that is suppose to happen 10 years in the future that is considered a CRISIS, of which the Flash disappears in. My first thought is that maybe the Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie will take place ten years in the future to allow the two universes to coincide. My first thought was proven horribly wrong after the announcement of the Casting of Ezra Miller as the Flash for said movie. This makes me believe that the crisis could be the Infinite Crisis event from the comics.


Secondly when taking a closer look at the newspaper we see below the headline that Wayne Tech. and Queen Inc. have consolidated. Now big conclusion to jump to. We know that Bruce Wayne in the television series Gotham is approximately 10 years old. Gotham is a crime drama mixed with a comic book series and crime dramas last approximately 10 seasons. What if in ten years, close to the end of Gotham's run, we see the young adult Bruce Wayne become a young Batman and crossover to the Arrow universe and eventually into the Flash's as well to meet this CRISIS head on.

Third, we know that the movies are planned all the way up to the year 2020 and have plans for two Justice League movies, the second one coming in the year 2019. This plan doesn't go any further than 2020, which leaves 2024 completely open for the possibility of that being the year of the third Justice League movie and the epic crossover event that will change movie and TV history.

Lastly, we can assume that Gotham is part of the Arrow's universe due to the big Queen Consolidated sign on a building in Gotham. Batman in this plan I laid out can not be the one that Ben Affleck will be playing in the movie universe. Therefore leading to two different Batman's in two different universes. The Crisis will have the two of them battling it out at some point which makes me wonder who would win, the older more experienced batman or the younger, faster and stronger batman. That's a subject for a different article.

This was just to funny
This was just to funny

The Infinite Crisis storyline has to be what they are moving forward to but will they stay on this course. If the past is any indication at all DC will do something along the way to screw this perfect plan up. It has always amazed me at how good the DC characters are written and conceived and how drastically they are mishandled by every studio they come into contact with.

This is just another one of my many opinions. What do you think will happen in this CRISIS that the Flash has enticed us with. Will it be the crossover event of cinematic and television history, or something even cooler.


Will the cinematic and television DC universes ever crossover


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