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In the world of fiction, it's hard to find a true story that is actually much crazier then story written about it. In the Heart of the Sea is the true story of the experience of the crew aboard the Essex in 1820, which was cultivated from two first-hand accounts of surviving crew members. This harrowing tale also went on to inspire author Herman Melville to pen his man vs whale epic, Moby Dick. The true story however, is much more horrific. Add one part Moby Dick and two parts Alive and you would be in the ballpark of the real story.

Director Ron Howard has reunited for the second time with the star of his underrated film, Rush, in his big screen adaptation of In the Heart of the Sea. Marvel's Thor, Chris Hemsworth, will be portraying First Mate Owen Chase and will be joined fellow actors, Cillian Murphy, Ben Whishaw, Benjamin Walker and Brandon Gleeson among others. It is yet to be determined how realistic Howard will keep his film in adapting the story. While adrift at sea members of the crew experienced starvation, dehydration and sun exposure, which led many crew members to go frickin' nuts. To top it off, almost all of the crew resorted to cannibalism, in order to stay alive.

The film has a large scope and the whale attack sequences look tailor-made for the big-screen. Enjoy the trailer.

In the Heart of the Sea opens March 15th, 2015.

How epic is that whale-slap? Are you interested this out? Let us know on the comment boards!

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