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Frederick FatherChocolate Crew

I wanna see this movie already!!! We get it 2017! That year will be PACKED with superhero films! Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Justice League, Thor: Ragnarok, Wonder Woman and Black Panther will all come out in the same year!

We are still missing Green Lantern. I feel like that is the case because they haven't confirmed rather we'll be getting Hal Jordan or John Stewart.

Dudes, let's chilax!

I realized my reaction to Ezra Miller as the Flash was pretty childish. I just acted out of shock. I didn't stop and actually look at the situation. I am perfectly okay with DC's decisions for ALL of their cast now, actually looking back now and just accepting things. Why? They are not in a position to make dumb mistakes. Why Gal Gadot? They felt like she could deliver, she has time to bulk up and LOOK like Wonder Woman. Let's chilax. Why Ben Affleck? He looks like Bruce Wayne probably more than ANY, yes ANY Batman we've ever had. Christian Bale even said that he made mistakes as Batman and is offering Affleck advice. Let's chilax. Why Ezra Miller? Great actor. Flash is one of those characters that you really can't critique on. Grant Gustin for instance, some people HATED it when he was announced as the Flash. Look at him now. Same thing will happen with Ezra Miller. Let's chilax. Why Jesse Eisenberg? He's shown that he can have the personality and attitude of Lex Luthor, being smarter than everyone in the room and knowing it kind of attitude. Let's chilax.

I am 100% on board with DC right now! I love both Marvel and DC. I want DC to catch up to Marvel, I really do! That was my first question when we got Avengers. It wasn't where's Avengers 2, it was "Okay. Where is Justice League?"

1. Henry Cavill as Superman

2. Ben Affleck as Batman

3. Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

4. Jason Momoa as Aquaman

5. Ray Fisher as Cyborg

6. Ezra Miller as Flash


Here is our JL cast!


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