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With Halloween fast approaching I imagine many of us will throw on our dress robes and go as characters from Harry Potter, but one Halloween and Harry enthusiast has taken their love to the next level with some Harry and Voldemort fan art made from a very unique material: pumpkins.

Reddit user ktownpark a.k.a. Jared Berenholz spent around 20 hours over three days to create his Harry vs. Voldemort masterpiece using stencils, a linoleum cutter, clay loop tools, and a small phillips head screwdriver and the results speak for themselves:

Lord Voldemort a.k.a. Tom Marvolo Riddle:

Check out that rage face! The detail is insane, take a look at the carving of Voldemort's head on the left and how it looks when it's lit up on the right, mega creepy.

Voldemort's hand:

I really had to include the shots of the hand holding the wand because Ralph Fiennes held Voldemorts wand in such a particular way it really added to the character, it's awesome to see Jared paid close attention to this.

Harry Potter a.k.a. The Boy Who Lived:

Wow. From the furrowed brow to his trademark messy hair to his mouth set in a look of grim determination, this is perfect.

Harry's hand:

The shading, the attention to his tight grasp on the wand (11 inches long, holly and a phoenix feather core!) are all awesome.

The final amazing result:

WOW! Simply awesome. It turns out that Jared created these works of art for a pumpkin carving competition, so if you enjoyed his work, check him out on this page and give him your vote!


Are these the coolest pumpkin carvings you've ever seen?

Source: Imgur, Reddit


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