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Now, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 wasn't the most popular movie of this past year. There were a whole lot of problems raised by us Spider-fans - with the central relationship between Peter and Gwen one of the only elements to escape relatively unscathed from the fan fury.

The Rhino, in particular, was a source of a whole lot of anger. Aside from issues with Paul Giamatti's portrayal, which many took issue with for its stereotypical approach to a Russian criminal, there were a lot of harsh words thrown in the direction of the Rhino's suit itself.

It did, after all, look like this:

Which, as any Spider-fan can tell you, is a long, long way from how Aleksei Sytsevich first appeared in the comics. After all, he was much less an armored rhino-themed tank, and more a super-strong polymer coated, destruction-loving giant. Right from the get go:

So, the new Rhino costume was cool, and all, but it wasn't all that faithful to the original. As in, at all:

What, though, if the suit had retained that technological twist, presumably designed to make it more realistic, but stayed far truer to the original design of the character? Would a more faithful Rhino suit have improved the movie?

Well, that we may never know - but we can certainly get an idea of whether the Rhino would have looked cooler with a different design. Newly released concept art for the movie by Steffen Reichstadt shows us just what the Rhino could have looked like...and it's pretty darned awesome:

And, best of all, far more faithful to the original design...

Now, if we could just see the Rhino return in a [Sinister Six](movie:1274281) movie, with less of a ridiculous accent, and that costume on?

Well, that'd be downright fantastic...


What do you guys think? Would The Rhino have been way cooler if they had gone with that alternative design?

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