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Twisty the clown's rictus grin has been singed into our eyelids since he contaminated our TV screens, but there's a real life killer clown who is even more nightmare inducing.

So, after learning the origin stories of [American Horror Story](series:206668)'s freaks, lets retreat a little further into the shadows and learn about the possible inspiration behind Twisty's mask.

Murderous clowns might be the stuff of thousands of people's nightmares, but there is only one historical figure that was both a serial kill and a clown, and his name is John Wayne Gacy.

Gacy murdered 33 young men over just six years during the '70s and hid their bodies in a crawl space beneath his home.

He also happened to undertake charity work as a clown with the disarmingly endearing name of Pogo.

Gacy as Pogo the clown
Gacy as Pogo the clown

Although Gacy's work as a clown and his murderous activities were unrelated, he garnered the nickname of "The Killer Clown", and Pogo seemed to form a significant part of Gacy's identity while he was in jail.

Before he was executed in 1994, Gacy produced art behind bars and the sinister figure of Pogo obviously represented a particularly twisted part of his psyche.

Art work by Gacy
Art work by Gacy

Gacy had something of the mischievous yet sinister clown in his nature, the cold-blooded murderer even joked during his trial that the only thing he was guilty of was;

running a cemetery without a license
More chilling Gacy artwork
More chilling Gacy artwork

Despite the magnitude of his crimes, Gacy never seemed to feel any remorse and his last words before his execution by lethal injection were;

Kiss my ass

Although Gacy isn't confirmed as being the inspiration behind American Horror Story's chilling Twisty, It chills me to the bone to imagine that we could all be watching an evil whose origins lie in real life.

What do you guys think, was Gacy an inspiration for Twisty the clown?


Who do you find more terrifying?

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