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[Annabelle](movie:1217914) was one of the most highly anticipated horror films of 2014, but now that it's finally been released in cinemas, it seems like the horror hasn't just been contained to the screens. Cinemas in France have reported people rioting during the screenings, causing the film to be pulled from some cinemas! What the hell?!

Cinema managers in Marseille, Strasbourg, and Montpellier have cancelled future screenings due to a security concern after huge crowds of youths packed theaters well over capacity (up to 1,000 people in a 450 seat theater) and began fighting, throwing popcorn, and ripping up seats.

I don't know about you, but I'm not entirely surprised the movie has evoked such a strong response from the teens, after all, the real life Annabelle the doll also emotionally manipulated those around her (it?).

The real Annabelle with Lorraine Warren
The real Annabelle with Lorraine Warren

In the original story of Annabelle, her owner, Donna, knew that the doll was bad news after she started moving around Donna's apartment and started leaving notes for her and her roommate, Angie. However, after a psychic medium told them that Annabelle had been a young girl who died when she was just seven years old and that Donna and Angie made the spirit feel comforted and safe, they believed what the psychic told them and mistakenly allowed the doll to remain in their house, unaware it was a trick.

Annabelle then started harming those in the apartment, including a friend of the pair who never liked the doll and had told Donna to get rid of it before. It wasn't until paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren, stepped in that Donna and Angie were saved from the spirit in Annabelle the doll. The Warren's took the doll and placed her in a secure case inside their Occult Museum to prevent Annabelle from harming anyone again.

Annabelle in her case at the Occult Museum
Annabelle in her case at the Occult Museum

Whether you believe in paranormal activities or not, it definitely seems like Annabelle, in both her real life and movie reincarnations has worked her evil magic on many people and conjured some seemingly crazy responses. I, for one, just hope the buck stops in France!


Why do you think the French teens have been rioting during Annabelle screenings?

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