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Cooing over Disney babies is clearly a wildly popular pastime, and after my appeal to find the illustrator of last weeks post, the stork has delivered even more impossibly cute kids!

The talented Grodansnagel of DeviantArt has been hard at work making our favorite Disney couples' future families a reality, and some of these cherubic children are even more adorable than the last crop.

Don't believe me? Check out the angelic offspring from the second Disney baby boom below!

Belle and Beast

I'm glad this bonny baby boy didn't inherit dad's former body hair issues!

And yes, I know there are theories that Beast's name is Prince Adam, but will tackle those rumors another day!


Milo and Kida

It looks like the intrepid Milo found something even more fulfilling that Atlantis during his travels!


Esmeralda and Phoebus

Esmeralda deserves all the happiness she can get after her time at the hands of Frollo, and I have a feeling this little lad won't be playing instruments on the streets for coins.


Roger and Anita

Why should the dalmations have all the baby fun, eh?


Peter Pan and Wendy

I thought you said you were never going to grow up Peter?! How times have changed!


Anna and Kristoff

It looks like Arendelle thawed out along with Elsa's heart. Awwww!


Which couple has the most adorable Disney child?

(Source: DeviantArt)


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