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With unreleased material from prequel Fire Walk With Me having been released in July, the 25th anniversary (burying face in hands and weeping for my lost youth...) of the TV show, and the upcoming nine-episode Showtime Twin Peaks revival, the twisted Americana of David Lynch is everywhere... And it isn't showing any signs of cooling off just yet!

A book called The Secret Lives of Twin Peaks by series co-creator Mark Frost is about to delve deeper into the Laura Palmer mystery and reveal what inhabitants have been up to since coming off the air 1992. THR is reporting that:

Flatiron Books, a division of Macmillan, will publish The Secret Lives of Twin Peaks, an inside look into what has happened to the iconic characters of the fictional town since audiences last saw them more than two decades ago. The book promises to offer a deeper look into the central mystery of the original series, which ended abruptly, leaving many plot points unresolved.

So, instead of wondering what Agent Cooper, Sheriff Truman, Donna, the small dancing man, and the other inhabitants of Twin Peaks have been doing for the last quarter of a century, we'll actually know.

What has Bob been doing? Maybe I can track down Log Lady and see what her wood baby has to say... What secrets do you think we'll uncover in The Secret Lives of Twin Peaks?

In the words of Special Agent Cooper, "I have no idea where [this new book] will lead us, but I have a definite feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange..."


Will you be picking up your copy of The Secret Lives of Twin Peaks?


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