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I can still remember back in 1999 when the 11 year old me heard about this new creepy movie which was pieced together from footage belonging to three film-makers who had disappeared. That movie was, of course, The Blair Witch Project, and I have to admit, I was fully drawn into the landmark viral marketing campaign surrounding the project.

Back then, you didn't Google something to figure out the truth, and so, as a dumb kid, I fully believed what another dumb kid had told me about the movie. Of course, once we'd all seen it, we realized the truth of the situation, but to me, The Blair Witch Project still remains one of the most intriguing and interest horror movies of recent years.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences seems to agree, as they have recently released a short behind the scenes documentary which tells of the unique marketing campaign surrounding the film, as well as its massive success. The film is part of a series of movies created by the Academy titled Moments That Changed The Movies. Check it out below:

It seems The Blair Witch Project is a bit of a controversial film among modern horror enthusiasts. Although popular with many, I've also heard accusations that it is 'boring,' that it fails to show the 'witch' and that it started the found footage genre, which let's face it, has dragged on a bit.

Personally, I love the fact the movie is a rough ride which does not show the object of terror - instead it allows your imagination to fill in the blanks thus creating a much more horrifying experience.

What do you think? Do you love or hate The Blair Witch Project?


Did you believe The Blair Witch Project was real when it was first released?

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