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It's that time of year again: Halloween is upon us and the crazy costume ideas are in full force. But what about the food?

We've all carved a pumpkin or two in our time, but some Halloween junkies are taking edible fright to the next level.

These creations combine the fun of holiday food with creepy, horrible and sometimes downright disgusting looking creations. But don't worry, they're quite delicious once you bite into them.

In fact, it's safe to say that most of these are pretty genius. Who'd think it was possible to make a gross looking brain out of a few ingredients? Check out how they did it below:

Meat Heads

Ham has never been more frightening. Would you dare bite into this fella?

(Source: Emergencyfan2000)

Eye Scream Sandwiches

All that fright in one bite. A delicious treat posing as an eyeball that combines devil's food cake mix and jelly sweets.

(Source: Three Little Monkeys Studio)

Brain Dip

I'm not sure I could stomach this one. Can you imagine serving this to your grandmother? Sweet chilli sauce has never looked so grim!

(Source: Kitchen Daily)

Meat Zombie Hand

A classic meatloaf and cheese topping create something pretty darn magical.

(Source: Not Martha)

Jello Worms

More like a bowl of Jell-O nightmares! Imagine putting your hand in this!

(Source: The Idea Room)


Would you eat these amazing but disgusting creations?


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