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The latest episode of The Vampire Diaries genuinely blew me away, and I'm sure all you fans know exactly which moments I'm talking about!

The writing on our fave show can be a bit predicable at time but I was genuinely shocked when Stefan staked Enzo and Kai turned out to be a resident of The Other Side instead of Whitmore College!

So, let's swot up on the latest goings on and remember why 'Welcome to Paradise' was probably the least apt title possible for this episode!

Stefan's Revenge

After Enzo snapped his girlfriend Ivy's neck like a twig in episode two, Stefan is hell bent on getting his revenge.

Despite his bloodthirsty intentions, the younger Salvatore brother still has time to whip out his sensitive side and surprise Elena at her medical school. This pair's relationship seems purely platonic now (sorry Stelena shippers!), but the love is still there none the less.

That smile!

After being tempted to the swimming hole with the promise of Enzo's presence, Stefan doesn't seem in the mood for jello shots or, tragically, whipping his shirt off for a swim.

Instead he bides his time to meet Enzo in the woods and tries and put an end to the British Lothario's attempts to make his life a misery on Damon's behalf.

After a scuffle with a vampire hunter (we'll get to that one later), Enzo tells Stefan he doesn't want him dead, but unfortunately Stefan doesn't feel the same way about him.

Caroline manages to get in and save her new brunch buddy before Stefan files a shot...But Enzo is far from safe thanks to Stefan finding an unlikely ally later in the episode.


Not Alone

After four months of roaming around Mystic Falls circa 1994 together, Bonnie is still convinced that they are not alone in there... Especially when she notices someone's eaten all the pork scratchings in the store.

Damon however, stubbornly refuses to have any hope about the situation as he believes he is trapped in his own personal hell as opposed to a purgatory set up by Bonnie's beloved Grams.

Bonnie is so infuriated with Damon's refusal to believe in a way out that she provokes him to tear his daylight ring and end it all...

...But clearly a part of the cynical vampire wants to believe he will get to tell Elena he loves her again, especially when he thinks he sees evidence of movement. Unfortunately, it's just a tarp billowing in the wind.

When Damon storms off to drown his sorrows with Bourbon, he stumbles across company.

Unfortunately for him, it just so happens to be Kie. Anyone who has been reading up on the new characters know this guy is a psycho who should be kept at arms length...

...Clearly, Damon didn't get the memo because he threatens Kai, but puts him down to get on the booze...

...Which was a huge mistake because Kai has conveniently spiked it with poisonous vervain.

Bonnie comes to Damon's rescue, but Kai reminds her that she is now "the useless one".

Unfortunately for him, Bonnie has somehow regained her powers and is, once again, a certifiable badass.

Not content with lighting a mere candle, Bonnie envelops the store in a firey inferno with Kai trapped in the blaze.

Later in the episode, Damon and Bonnie have restrained Kai to try and pry some information out of him with the help of a red hot poker because, Damon.

Kai tries to persuade them he wasn't trying to kill Damon, he just wanted to summon up enough feeling and outrage to reignite Bonnie's magical powers so that she can save them all.

TBH, they probably shouldn't swallow that crap, but we all know they will anyway.

Get ready to get your hate on, big time.


Tripp the Vampire Slayer

After learning that Tripp like to BBQ vampire in his spare time, it seems like the community protection squad isn't anything to do with protecting little old ladies from muggers...

Matt takes one of his friend Jay to the swimming hole for Elena's party, but things quickly escalate when it's revealed Jay doesn't believe the animal attack explanation for Sarah's wounds...

Tyler manages to suppress his werewolf rage after being provoked by Jay...

...But smashing his face in might have been a better option because he went on to try and stake Stefan in the woods. Unfortunately for Jay, Enzo has pretty quick reflexes.

Enzo might have had a lucky esape from Tripp's henchman, but he isn't so lucky when it comes to the man himself. Tripp tries to finish Enzo off with a syringe of vervain after learning Enzo's been slaughtering the diner staff...

...But Enzo has enough of a resistance to fight back

Clearly Stefan was true to his word about wanting Enzo dead, because he shockingly comes to Tripp's rescue and stakes Damon's frenemy through the back repeatedly...

I can't wait to see how this one plays out for Stefan. Somehow, I don't think Tripp will be forgetting him in a hurry.


Sarah Danger

Sarah is still hiding out in Damon and Stefan's pad with Jeremy, but it's not long before her shady side is blasted out into the open.

At the swimming hole, Caroline compels a random girl to buy her ice which works a charm...Until she gets to the borders of Mystic Falls and remembers everything.

Jeremy speaks to the compelled girl and realizes Sarah must remember Elena's attack and know her vampire secret.

He alerts Elena and Caroline, but Sarah is nowhere to be found...


Love is in the Air

After a flirtatious Elena tried to set Liam up with Caroline...

...She ended up having a smooch with him herself. She might have protested about breaking the girl code, but you could tell Elena totally loved this bout of tonsil hockey and, who can blame her!

Meanwhile, Tyler managed to persuade a frosty Liv to lend him a keg for the party...

...But it turns out Liv's bitchy turns were manufactured to protect her from falling for Tyler. Not predictable at all!

Caroline Confesses her Love for Stefan

After giving Stefan a rousing care bear speech in the forest about how she wants him to return for love instead of for revenge, Caroline is left weeping on her own again when Stefan walks away.

Later on Caroline confesses to Elena that she did have feelings for Stefan...

...Does this telling use of past tense mean it's all over for Steroline shippers?!


Songs for your Season 6 Mix Tape!

  • Figure it Out - Royal Blood
  • Bad Habit - The Kooks
  • Supersonic - VaVa Voom
  • Something to Believe - Cartel
  • The Sign - Ace of Bass
  • I Swear - All-4-One
  • Say Anything - Ashley Nite


Do you think Elena and Damon will trust Kai?


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