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Doom 4 the Series Reboot!

So far, all that we really know about Doom 4 is that it's not called Doom 4...It's just called Doom and aims to be a massive reboot for the PC classic series. The game will be set back on Mars once more and will allegedly feature Mortal Kombat style finishers, using id's id Tech 6 to power the game.

Now, those of whom got to see this game got an exclusive look at QuakeCon, in Texas earlier this year. The rest of us were kept out. Bethesda has been very secretive about this first release for the franchise in over a decade. This game helped popularise the FPS concept, a remarkable achievement, but this places a tremendous degree of pressure upon id Software, especially since they haven't been performing too well as of late.

What we know about Doom


So the game is set on Mars which becomes overrun by demons following a failed experiment which opens a portal to hell. According to executive producer Marty Stratton the game will ‘be going back to what made the original great: fast action, run-and-gun, inventive and creative combat’.

There was a great blending of old and new according to the those who were present, with some old school strafing and a new addition of jetpacks, thus placing a strong emphasis on locating higher ground in an attempt to escape hoards of enemies.

There's also the bizarre addition of finishing moves, which are possible when enemies start flashing red as they are close to death and allowing you to pull off jaws, stomp on skulls, and pull out hearts. Naturally the iconic chainsaw made an appearance!

Let's hope they've improved the graphics a little...
Let's hope they've improved the graphics a little...

I love hearing of this great moment from QuakeCon in which one of the enemies got his own back by tearing the player's arm off and proceeded to beat him with it, which received a standing ovation from the crowd. What a world we live in!

So far all of the information is a bit sketchy, though it appears that Doom isn't taking things too seriously. It has shameless inclusions of ‘massive weapons’ including the plasma rifle, rocket launcher, and a ‘comically large’ shotgun. But so far not the famous BFG.

Exploding barrels are also already confirmed and, like fellow retro reboot Wolfenstein: The New Order, there’s no recharging health, instead you have to pick up medkits the old fashioned way. There's something genuinely great about this aspect of games, it's a sign that it embraces the fact that is actually a video game by definition and doesn't attempt to mimic reality or cinema in every way. Nothing like a good old floating medkit.

Nobody seems to have been very descriptive about which enemies are in the game but there are numerous references to ‘smaller’ demons (imps?), hell knights, and the Cyberdemon boss from the teaser trailer which you can check out here:

id Software and Rage

id Software are legends in the field of FPS. They essentially created it with Wolfenstein 3D, popularised it with Doom and then introduced Multiplayer for the first time with Quake. That's a seriously impressive history. But as of late, they haven't really been impressing us.

Aside from the company staying the same, no one from the original Doom games is working on the next instalment in the series. Also, why in god's name did they rerelease Doom 3, the WORST one?! Makes absolutely no sense. Also I played a lot of Rage and really didn't find that much appealing aside from the driving.

The story was boring, the combat wasn't that great and I generally just didn't find the missions or locations that interesting. What if they do all of this with Doom?! God, I really hope they get their act together!

What do you guys think? Can id pull it off with Doom again?

The game is being developed on the new id Tech 6 engine, which is promising to ‘support’ 1080p and 60 frames per second. The game will be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Exactly when it’ll be out is unknown but apparently there were two separate gameplay demos, suggesting the game may be far enough along for a 2015 release. Let's hope so! I just want to see some god damn gameplay, are they hiding it because it isn't great or they want to create suspense? We'll find out soon!


Do you think id can make a good Doom game again?


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