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Mass Effect 4

All those who love this universe know that its races are one of its strongest aspects. Their characteristics, histories and worlds are equally fascinating and continually expand upon the beautiful lore that permeates throughout the Mass Effect trilogy. Though Shepard's journey may be over, we're not ready to say goodbye to Mass Effect just yet. For more on what Bioware has in store you can check out this article here!

What we know is that the title will not be Mass Effect 4 and the story will shift all away across to the other side of the galaxy. What new adventures and threats we will encounter in this part of the universe is unclear. Though it does some like our previous Mass Effect game saves will impact upon this world. The creators have said that it would be a good idea to hang onto them.

But what does this mean in terms of console releases for Mass Effect? How can we transfer our saves over onto NextGen and will there be rereleases of the old games for Xbox One and PS4? For more on this you can check out some information here!

But with this all aside, what do we want from a new Mass Effect game. We know that it's being built upon Dragon Age: Inquisition's interface, just what exactly from Dragon Age will we see in Mass Effect 4 is as of yet unclear. For now, let's discuss what we'd love to see from Bioware when they release the next chapter in this universe!

Shepard is no more in Mass Effect 4
Shepard is no more in Mass Effect 4

Mass Effect 4, Sequel or Prequel?

People have been wondering whether, instead of moving forward, the game may travel back to the time when the previous race that was wiped out were alive: the Protheans. It's a pretty interesting idea, this way we'd get to see what the universe looked like before this generation of aliens that we're familiar with. This would allow Bioware to create a whole new host of aliens and a completely new story arc.

Some have speculated that the game would perhaps feature some kind of time travel element in which someone ventures back to the time of the Protheans in order to help them defeat the Reapers. Though this seems highly unlikely to me. I would say that Bioware would pick up from where you left off and based upon your decisions in Mass Effect 3 the world could look very different!

In my version synthetics and organics would be merged together, therefore the world would be a fascinating place to explore. Though could Bioware completely change the world purely based on one decision in Mass Effect 3? That would be pretty insane! What do you guys think?

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New Playable Characters in Mass Effect 4? Salarian, Asari and Turian!

Asari, Mass Effect 4
Asari, Mass Effect 4

Personally, I think it would be quite incredible if we could get the opportunity to play as an alien race in Mass Effect 4. Mass Effect was perfect to play as a human, we could learn about how our own species fit into this amazing universe and learn about all of the different races that exist around us. We didn't need to learn too much about what character we were playing as.

But now that we are completely familiar with all of these characters, I think it would be great to take command of an Asari, Salarian or Turian, hell maybe even a Quarian, a Drell or a Krogan! Though I'm sure they'd have to limit it in some capacity.

Mass Effect
Mass Effect

The only thing that makes me think this might not happen is that it would be incredibly difficult to create a great story for each of these playable races. Each one is so different and how they react with the world is so complex that I'm sure Bioware would have an extremely big challenge in having to create different arcs for each alien.

What do you guys think? Will they give us the chance to play as different races or is it too much work?


Which race would you play as given the chance?


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