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Let's just get our excitement out now.


Now, then. As I'm sure you've heard, Sony and Disney have made a deal to actually put Spider-Man into the MCU. This has caused the internet and Marvel fans everywhere to explode from excitement. (Not literally.)

It was also said that the new Spider-Man would debut in a Marvel movie already announced, but most likely before his upcoming movie in July 2017.

So, that means that Spider-Man will either be in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ant-Man, or Captain America: Civil War. But that's an article for another time...

There's only one problem, though. That means we're probably getting another Spider-Man reboot. So, as reboots go, the cast is going to be different. So I ask you this...

Who should play Spider-Man?

Dylan O'Brien

Dylan is an extremely talented young actor, featuring in movies like Maze Runner (where he played a hero) and The Internship (where he played an [albeit douchey] geek/hipster.) So he has both roles down for playing Peter Parker and Spider-Man.

Drake Bell

Yes, that Drake Bell from everyone's favorite TV show, Drake and Josh. He's mostly done voice acting sine D&J ended, but he wasn't doing random work. H was voicing Spider-Man. He also played a knock off Peter Parker in the (underrated) film Superhero Movie. Stepping into Spider-Man for him would be a walk in the park.

Logan Lerman

You may recognize Logan from Fury, the Three Musketeers, and every nerd's nightmare, the Percy Jackson movies. Now, none of these movies were incredible, some weren't even good, but Logan's acting in them is great. In Percy Jackson, he plays a young hero not yet up to the task of saving the world. In the Three Musketeers and Fury, he plays a young hero joining up with men trying to save the world. I kind of sense a pattern in his roles...

Andrew Garfield

Why fix what isn't broken? Sure, they're trying to reboot the character, but I say give Andrew another chance. I mean, the guy's a real fan, he actually cares about the character, and it would be a shame to have some a-lister who doesn't know how to spell Peter Parker play him.

Toby Maguire

Speaking of second chances, Tobey Maguire might have been the best Peter Parker we've ever seen. Some may argue Andrew was better, but he was more Spider-Man than Peter Parker even when he took off the mask. He was an incredible actor and could easily play the Web-slinger again.

And let's not forget how pivotal Spidey is in the Civil War storyline...


Who should play Spider-Man?


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