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This is my first instalment in what I plan to be a weekly series of 'Versus' I plan to clear up arguments people ask me everyday. "Who would win in a fight?...." and its become a nuisance but I plan to explain some superhero fights that I commonly get asked or I find interesting by gathering all of their information, assets, skills, powers and weaknesses then pitting them against each other. Here is my first fight. Lets meet the combatants:


The Boy Scout
The Boy Scout

The All American Big Blue Boy Scout. Superman is an alien 'Kal-El' who arrived to Earth from a recently destroyed planet 'Krypton'. He grew up on the Kent farm in Smallville, being adopted by good parents and named 'Clark Kent'. In his adult life he moved to the major city of Metropolis to become a reporter for the Daily Planet where he could get close to a crime scene before quickly changing his outfit to become Superman, the great symbol of America. He became a founding member of the Justice League and forming strong friendships and alliances with such heroes as Batman, Wonder Woman and the Flash.

Powers and Abilities:

  • Solar Absorption- `All of his powers derive from his abilities to metabolise yellow star (like our own Sun) energy.
  • Superhuman Strength- Superman has strength well beyond that of a human and probably most super humans not only has he been able to lift trucks but mountains and, during the silver and golden age comic books, entire planets. In the New 52 it goes on to say that in direct yellow sunlight it grows to immeasurable proportions to shatter worlds.
  • Invulnerability- Completely immune to almost all forms of attacks and weapons. He was completely unscathed by a star going supernova. This extends to his ageing, slowing it down exponentially to the point of almost immortality.How hardcore can you get?
  • Superhuman Speed- Known to move 'faster than a speeding bullet' but really he is capable of much more said to sometimes be as fast as light and can keep up with the flash to a degree.
  • Flight- Obviously known to fly at great speeds for limitless amounts of time.
  • Superhuman Stamina- Can basically do any activity for an unlimited amount of time
  • Healing Factor- Any injury the Man of Steel does sustain quickly heal
  • X-ray Vision- Well. He can see through stuff.
  • Superhuman Intelligence- People of Krypton are thousands of years ahead of Earth and each are born with intellect of that way above humans and Superman's is increased by the Sun.
  • Eidetic Memory- Anything he ever heard, saw, smelled of tasted he remembers perfectly.
  • Heat Vision- A strong beam can be fired from his eyes of searing heat reaching degrees of up to 5,000 degrees.
  • Super Breath/Freeze Breath- Kal can bellow great breath from his lungs enough to blow down a house but also drop the moisture in it to sub-zero temperatures to freeze anything it touches
  • Super Hearing- Can receive speech signals from miles away.


  • Kryptonite- The substance from his home planet which causes him to go weak at the knees and immobilises the strength of his abilities ten fold.
  • Magic- He is known to be vulnerable to magic attacks.
  • Red Sun- Although yellow sunlight increases his abilities, red sunlight decreases the strength of his powers.
  • Kindness- He will always put others before himself, he is known to be too caring which some can class as a weakness.



Dr. Bruce Banner was a scientist working with gamma rays when somebody walked on to the test field, he decided to go and get them off when someone activated the experiment blasting Banner with a huge mass of radiation which should of killed any normal man. Instead in changed Bruce, when he got angry it turned him into the practical embodiment of rage. The Hulk. A sorta hero sorta destructive force of nature. The Hulk was a founding member of the Avengers when Loki mind controlled him and has since become the green goliath of power.

Powers and Abilities:

  • Infinite Strength- Known to have literally limitless strength, the madder Hulk gets the stronger he gets. He has the potential strength beyond that of any known being to have ever existed.
  • Super Jumping- With his HUGE strength the Hulk can jump entire continents in one bound.
  • Super Speed- His strength put into his leg muscles grands him the speed of superhuman proportions.
  • Godly Durability- His hide is tough, it can withstand practically any blast and the angrier he gets the tougher he gets too.
  • Healing Factor- The small damage Hulk does take will heal unbelievably quickly.
  • Psychic Resilience- Has been shown t resist even the strongest of mind controls.
  • Breath in Space- Its been proven in WWH that Hulk can survive in space both his body and his breathing.


  • None- He was previously weak to gases but that was retconned, now he has no clear weakness.

The Rules

1. This one shall be a sudden fight, no planning just turn up and fight

2. This fight shall take place in a plain location, no city nearby or civilisation.

3. Hulk. Not Bruce Banner. Hulk will not be allowed to transform back into Bruce, he has to stay as the Hulk, keep it fair.

Who I think would win:

No Body Wins.


Both can easily withstand each others blows, Superman could dodge Hulks huge fists but Hulk would angry and grow a lot tougher to Supermans punches. Hulk would go to cities to try and take out civilians so Superman would throw himself in front of them but neither has a sure fire method to take out the other. Due to both of their prolonged lifespan to near immortality nothing would remain intact, the fight would practically wipe out anything it went near meaning Bub-Bye planet Earth. So in conclusion after considering things I think that no body would come out it would just be a matter of who would die of natural causes first.


Who do you think would win in a fight?

Who do you think I should pit against each-other next? Comment.


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