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Let me start by saying, some of you are gonna dislike how I'm going to do this, but I really don't give a shit.

Da Rules:

1) There may or may not be profanity. You have been warned.

2) I have made this fan cast with 'Titans', in my head, being connected to The CW's 'Arrow', 'The Flash' & CBS' 'Supergirl'. Because if 'Titans' have a chance to be connected to The CW, then 'Supergirl' has the same chance.

3) I usually make my fan casts with actors that I have yet to use in a fan cast because I'm a dipshit.

4) Part 2 will consist of Titans that will be added to the Titans after the series premiere. I know some of these characters don't really have a large chance of showing up on the small screen, but I'm putting them on here anyway just in case
WB/DC gives the okay for their appearances.

5) I picked actors/actresses that have TV experience, except 1 actor (in article 1) that has been in the acting biz for just under 2 years with no TV experience, but could choose to do TV.

6) I also picked actors/actresses that are not currently attached to another TV series. There is one actor that I have no clue about his status on a TV series due to the fact that I do not watch the TV series in question.

If you haven't read Part 1, click here to know where I ended off!

I'm gonna start with 2 characters us 'Young Justice' fans REALLY wanted in the series. First,...

Koriand'r/Kori Anders/Starfire:

Koriand'r, the Tamaranean Princess, is basically the Shazam to Supergirl; similar in most main stream ways, but, when going into the character, are vastly different. I would hope that Kori's storyline would have a real presence with Nightwing (ie: the Dick/Kori relationship). The actress I chose...

Jessy Schram. I looked at a lot of different fan casts as I have a decent amount of knowledge towards Kori & I couldn't come up with someone off the top of my head. But, looking at Jessy's filmography & I feel very confident in this fan cast. A TNT alum coming off of 'Falling Skies', I think Jessy can do very well in this role.

Rachel Roth/Raven:

Raven, the demi-demon... Would that be want you would call a half-demon? Or would you, you know what, fuck it. Ignore that. I have 2 picks for Raven that I think are perfect.

Jane Levy. Known for 'Evil Dead (2013)', 'Suburgatory' & 'Shameless'. I have seen Jane in a lot of fan casts as Miss Martian, but I would like to see her play another darker role. The only thing that I see could be a problem is, would she be willing to dye her hair a darker color again? I believe Jane has the right acting ability to portray an emotionless-yet-not-emotionless demi-demon (I'm sticking with that, sorry) that ends up being the spawn of a four-eyed demon lord.

Onto the next choice...

Taylor Momsen. Known for 'How The Grinch Stole Christmas', 'Spy Kids 2: Island Of Lost Dreams' & 'Gossip Girl'. Taylor can definitely play the darker-type character like Raven based off of how she passes herself in reality. One thing that makes this fan casting a bit difficult is that Taylor decided to focus on her music career awhile back & hasn't acted since. So, something major would have to get her to come back to acting.

Virgil Hawkins/Static:

Now, we have recently learned that Static is getting his own live action series be it on TV (The CW, TNT, CBS) or being a web series (Netflix, show centered website), I am still gonna put this fan casting on here because why not?

Leon Thomas III. Known for 'August Rush', 'Victorious' & 'Satisfaction'. If you have seen anything Leon has done, you know he's very talented. From his acting to his music, Leon has such talent that it would be a shame not to at least put him in a fan cast for a character with actual mythos.

Kon-El/Conner Kent/Superboy:

The clone of the Man of Steel... okay, half-clone. Now, the hard part about this character being brought to the small screen with limitations on Superman, is how are we suppose to get a good adaptation? Well, I was thinking about that & came up with this; Instead of Superman, Supergirl. Easy enough. Now, instead of Lex being the human half of Conner's DNA, Lionel Luthor. But onto fan casting!

Penn Badgley. Known for 'Easy A', 'Gossip Girl' & 'Margin Call'. I know a lot of people have put guys like Robbie Amell, Drew Roy & Sean Faris in their fan casts, but I think given Penn's acting range, being a WB alum & availability to be attached to a new series, Penn could be one of the best choices to play Superboy.

The one character that I want more than any other currently...

Rose Wilson/Ravager:

The 5th Ravager & illegitimate daughter of The Terminator, the Mirakuru God, Slade Wilson. Rose has the same power set that Deathstroke has with a little added bonus of premonitions. I could go on about how I would work everything in, but, like you, the reader, I got a life... somewhat of a life. This cast pick was one that was difficult because I had to find an actress I felt could portray Rose as while as possible, young enough to be a believable daughter to Manu Bennett & could do justice to this phenomenal character... & I believe I have found an actress that could do just that,

Tania Raymonde. Known for 'Lost', 'Wild Cherry' & 'Texas Chainsaw 3D'. Tania, in my opinion, has everything needed for a character like Rose with the exception of a fighting background. But who cares, right? I mean Stephen Amell didn't have a fighting background till 'Arrow' & he turned out alright. It's more than likely just me, but I would love to see Tania with white hair.

This next character. like Beast Boy, would have to have a lot of CGI,

Kyle Rayner/Green Lantern:

I know a lot of people I have come across like Kyle Rayner & with the probability of Hal Jordan popping up on either 'Arrow' or 'The Flash' or both & Kyle being a former Titan in the comics, why not? My casting choice...

Kevin Zegers. Known for 'Air Bud: Golden Receiver (1998)', 'Zoom', 'Gossip Girl' & 'Gracepoint'. Kevin is just an amazing actor, again, in my opinion. Kevin has the age, physical looks & acting ability to be in a WB project.

I put this next group of characters in my "Top 5 Villains I Want In CBS' 'Supergirl' Series" article,

Garth/Tempest, Kaldur'ahm/Aqualad &/or Tula/Aquagirl:

Let's start with Garth, aka Tempest. Garth was the original Aqualad & was an original member of the Teen Titans back in the Golden Age of comics. Garth is basically Aquaman but with more magical powers. Remember when I said that there is 1 actor that will be a part of this fan cast that might still be very active on another TV series? Well...

Tyler Hoechlin. Known for '7th Heaven', 'Hall Pass' &, you guessed it (maybe), 'Teen Wolf'. I don't really watch 'Teen Wolf' but I have seen clips of Tyler in the show & I am pleased with his acting. Tyler is fit enough to play a superhero, has the acting ability to be a CW superhero & might be able to leave 'Teen Wolf' to pursue other things (*fingers crossed*). I've seen this one fan cast that placed Tyler as Bruce Wayne for a CW version of Batman. Can't say I wouldn't give that show a try.

Next, let's talk Kaldur'ahm. Created for the cancelled-WAY-too-soon Cartoon Network series 'Young Justice', Kaldur'ahm is Garth but black & uses weapons. Kaldur'ahm is also a better leader than Garth. Just thought I should throw right in there. Onto casting!

Titus Makin Jr. Known mainly for 'Glee' & The CW failed series 'Star-Crossed'. I watched 'Star-Crossed' & I can say that I really liked his acting. Titus has the physical look to play Kaldur, he has the perfect age & the right acting ability to play a leader type.

Guess who's next? Tula! Now, 1 thing that is big & obvious about Tula is the love interest for both Garth & Kaldur'ahm. If I were in control, I would have all 3 in the show to explore this story angle. But, to casting!

Christian Serratos. Known for 'Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide', the Twilight saga & for now she is on 'The Walking Dead'. Now, I did say that I picked actors & actresses that aren't attached to a TV series currently... but knowing as much as I do, I don't think she'll survive too much longer. I believe Christian has the right acting ability & look to portray a TV superhero.

These next 2 characters have the same probability that the Aquasidekicks have, very little. First,

Donna Troy/Wonder Girl/Darkstar/Troia:

Donna Troy, Wonder Woman's first official sidekick. Another original Titans member, like Garth. Again, like Garth & Rose, Donna has the same power set as Wonder Woman with some differences. Instead of Donna having a healing factor & the assortment of weapons, Donna has empathy with Diana & the ability to decipher the truth.

Lyndsy Fonseca. I know she is attached to Marvel's 'Agent Carter', but since that is a time piece series, having Lyndsy being attached to a DC property that will be released after 'Agent Carter' wouldn't be terrible. Lyndsy is a great underrated actress that is starting to get up there in Hollywood. Knowing that DC Amazons are meant to be strong & beautiful & Lyndsy is clearly beautiful & is definitely a strong woman.

Cassandra "Cassie" Sandsmark/Wonder Girl:

Cassie Sandsmark, originally the daughter of Zeus, but now the granddaughter of Zeus... ... Cassie is the third Wonder Girl after Diana & Donna. Cassie is also the main love interest for Superboy in the comics.

Skyler Samuels. Known for 'The Gates', 'The Nine Lives Of Chloe King' & 'American Horror Story: Freak Show'. I have seen Skyler's acting in 'Freak Show' & I gotta say it's not half bad. Skyler does have the acting chops, in my opinion, to play Cassie. Skyler has the age & physical look to be Cassie.

This next character is someone that is a somewhat fan favorite from the 'Young Justice' TV series.

Artemis Crock/Tigress... or Artemis... I like Tigress more:

Artemis Crock is the 3rd Tigress in the comics while also being a villain. I'm pretty sure the mass majority likes her character as a heroine, but, for me, I would like to she Artemis be like Rose where she starts off as a villain turned heroine.

My casting choice is Dianna Agron. Known for 'Glee', 'I Am Number Four' & 'The Family'. I have watched the early seasons of 'Glee' & watched both 'Number 4' & 'Family' & I can say that Dianna actually has acting talent. Dianna is perfect for any blonde superheroine due to the fact that she has the acting ability to play nearly any heroine.

I could continue this article, but that is TOO much work. So, I'm just going to list other heroes/heroines that I would like to see.

-Miss Martian


-Red Star


-Kid/Red Devil


-Lian Harper/Red Hood (in a Titans Tomorrow-esque storyline with an almost 100% confirmed time travel story arc in 'The Flash'; basically a DC Next Avengers team)

-Connor Hawke/Red Arrow (in a Titans Tomorrow-esque storyline with an almost 100% confirmed time travel story arc in 'The Flash'; basically a DC Next Avengers team)

-Cassandra Cain/Black Bat (in a Titans Tomorrow-esque storyline with an almost 100% confirmed time travel story arc in 'The Flash'; basically a DC Next Avengers team)

-Damian Wayne/Robin (in a Titans Tomorrow-esque storyline with an almost 100% confirmed time travel story arc in 'The Flash'; basically a DC Next Avengers team)

-Bart Allen/Impulse (in a Titans Tomorrow-esque storyline with an almost 100% confirmed time travel story arc in 'The Flash'; basically a DC Next Avengers team)

-Jamie Reyes/Blue Beetle (in a Titans Tomorrow-esque storyline with an almost 100% confirmed time travel story arc in 'The Flash'; basically a DC Next Avengers team)

Well, that's it for my picks & cast for my ideal Titans show. Let me know how much you hate me down in the gootch! If you liked or loved anything I did during these 2 articles, thank you.


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