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I have been thinking who would be in The CW's Justice League. Then, I decided to make this article cause I have no life.

Da Rules:

1) There may or may not be profanity. You have been warned.

2) I'm writing this article with TNT's 'Titans' & CBS' 'Supergirl' connected to The CW.

Let's start with some of the most obvious "conflict" with the CW Justice League, the team name. So, we know we are getting a movie League taking the Justice League name, but will/would Warner Bros. & DC Comics have the TV League entitled Justice League? I know I'm not the only one who would like this, but I think the CW League should be called the...

Justice Society of America. I think it would give The CW a big enough difference to make the average viewer know that these characters are not connected to the movies.

But, back to the random thought at hand. So, for a long while now I've been thinking of different ways The CW could form their League & one idea that kept popping up in my head that I really liked. The idea was that during the season finales & season premieres there would be a TV movie surrounding the TV League. Like, one idea for a villain for the first movie, you know what, I'll talk about it later. Right now, I want to talk about the team members.

So, let's get the obvious members out of the way;

Oliver Queen/(Green) Arrow:

Ollie, in my opinion, would be the team leader.

Barry Allen/Flash:

Barry, of course, would be the speedster of the team.

Next team member,

Ronnie Raymond & Martin Stein/Firestorm:

I didn't nab a picture of Victor Garber because Vic won't be donning the suit. But, assuming Firestorm would be more than just an extra hero of the week, I think Firestorm would be the more powerhouse type for the team.

Ray Palmer/The Atom:

It may just be me, but Brandon is doing a really good job in 'Arrow' this season. We know Ray won't show his powers on 'Arrow', but showing his powers on 'The Flash', more than likely. I think Atom is the most evident TV League member.

Dinah "Laurel" Lance/(Black) Canary:

Having Dinah join the team is a maybe because she doesn't have her powers yet & that we don't know how good her fighting skills will be towards the end of season 3. I would love to have Canary be one of the original TV Leaguers, but who knows.

Maybe Members: (due to their status as of right now being an unknown future)

Tatsu Yamashiro/Katana:

I put Tatsu in the Maybe List because of her being in the flashbacks this season. The probability of seeing her in the present this season is there, but who knows what the writers have planned.

Helena Bertinelli/Huntress:

I might be one of the few, at least to those around me, that actually likes Jessica De Gouw's portrayal of Helena. With Helena being in prison for mass murder & attempted murder, she found herself on my Maybe List. One idea that came to my mind was, what if Waller gives Helena a chance to be free? Maybe instead of Diggle as the Squad's hero member, what if the hero of the team is Helena? What I'm trying to say is that I REALLY want a Suicide Squad spin-off.

Francisco "Cisco" Ramon/Vibe:

If Cisco gets his powers by the time the CW League forms, then he has a shot. But I don't think he'll end up being a part of the team till he gets his powers. Just an "Oracle" character for now.

Theodore "Ted" Grant/Wildcat:

I think we can admit that having Ted be a part of the universe is amazing! We have seen Ted fight & know about his vigilante background, but does that instantly put him in the team's prime choices? Who knows, & who cares right now. All we want is more 'Cat & Canary!

The Hopefuls: (heroes with a chance, be it slim or massive)

Hal Jordan/Green Lantern:

Of course Hal is on this list! With all the teeny-tiny Easter Eggs & obvious Easter Eggs towards Hal, it definitely wouldn't surprise me if Greg, Marc & Andrew brought Hal to the small screen. Now, before you start arguing about how the CGI would be too expensive for TV, if 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' & 'Arrow' can have holographic layouts of "insert plot detail here", I think we can have a GL on the small screen.

Jay Garrick/The Flash:

We have definitely got our fair share of Garrick Easter Eggs so far this season of 'The Flash', so having the original speedster brought to the CW-verse wouldn't be difficult at all. The writers can still adapt Jay's re-introduction by instead of having Jay being the superhero Barry grew up admiring, Jay could be the "hero" Barry looked up to growing up. Make Jay a former neighbor of Joe West & it could be plausible.

Theodore "Ted" Kord/Blue Beetle:

Us fans that have been following all the behind-the-scenes stuff surrounding the CW/DC shows know that Ray Palmer was originally suppose to be Ted Kord. So, when it was announced that Ted wouldn't see the light of TV because DC "had other plans" for Blue Beetle, we all got depressed till Ray Palmer was announced to replace Ted Kord. Then a promo poster for 'The Flash' came out with a very intriguing Easter Egg on it...

Kord Industries logo popped up. Now, this poster could've been made back before Greg, Marc & Andrew got the "no" from DC, but why would they release this if that were the case? Were they that lazy that they couldn't have went back to edit the Kord Industries logo out? Or switched it with the Palmer Technologies logo? So, in conclusion? The probability of Ted, at least, existing in the CW-verse is there just like Bruce Wayne.

Michael Carter/Booster Gold:

Time travel exists in the CW-verse through Wells background that we still don't have the full story of & that the producers said that they will be exploring time travel in ' [The Flash](series:1068303)'. So, why not?

The Wish List: (those who may or may not make it into the CW-verse)

Charles Victor Szasz aka Vic Sage/The Question:

I think the majority of us would love to see Vic brought to live action. Plus, think of how Vic would work along side Ollie or Barry. That is fucking hilarious! He would more than likely appear in '[Arrow](series:720988)' due to Vic not having powers. A little sidebar, if I were to cast Vic, I would LOVE to have Justin Hartley play The Question.

Rex Mason/Metamorpho Or Element Man:

Rex's background is surrounded by Stagg Industries & the Orb of Ra. Well, half of that background is already in play as Stagg Industries already exists in the CW-verse. Now, would we want the Orb to be brought into play? Or have it where Rex was mutated by the particle accelerator?

Courtney Whitmore & Pat Dugan/Stargirl & S.T.I.R.P.E.:

With Courtney being a kickboxer & gymnast, it would be nice to have it where part of Courtney's background is related to Wildcat's Gym. And for Pat, a former boxer... make it where Ted & Pat are former boxing enemies. BOOM! Character dynamic! About Pat's suit, I think the suit can be adapted fairly well by having it be smaller than his comic version.

Beatriz Bonilla da Costa & Tora Olafsdotter/Fire & Ice:

Beatriz & Tora are usually together whenever they make appearances due to their obvious yin yang powerset. Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but based on what I have read online, Beatriz is the former runner of the Brazilian branch of Wayne Enterprises. Well, the producers can change that a little bit by, I don't know, changing it from the Brazilian branch to...

the Wayne Tech branch & we could have it where Bruce Wayne doesn't have be directly involved. Now, with Tora, seeing as how she has an origin that might be hard to pull off in the CW-verse, I would have it where her & Beatriz gained their powers from the incident. A part of me would love it if Tora & Beatriz were a lesbian couple for the CW-verse, but the other part of me really wants the Tora/Guy Gardner relationship adapted, but who cares, let's just get them a good representation then that thing from the '90s.

Kara "Kent" Zor-El/Supergirl:

Go ahead. Say that "the show isn't connected because 'Supergirl' is on CBS, not The CW." Well, you got to remember that The CW is run by Warner Brothers (WB) AND Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS). And if most remember, TNT's 'Titans' has & still is rumored to be connected to the CW-verse. Which, in Laymen's terms, means no matter if the show is on a different network, if owned by the same company, it can be plausible.

John Henry Irons/Steel:

I don't know about some, but I like the more current John Henry Irons where he is basically Tony Stark but a lot more broke. Inspired by the Man of Steel, Dr. John Henry Irons, inventor & engineer, creates a suit which gives him super-strength, flight, near indestructible "skin" & comes with a badass metal mallet to become the Man of Iron, Steel... Wait, his name is "Steel", yet he is called the "Man of Iron"? How the hell does that make sense? You know what, forget it! DC made their choices, they get to live with them. This character could work without Superman by making Supergirl the hero John was inspired by... but then we can argue that if 'Supergirl' isn't connected, how will he fit in? Well, we got AmerTek in the CW-verse thanks to the Flash Promo Poster shown above & we can just get rid of the "S" on his chest. Throw in some Palmer Tech & we are good to go!

The More-Than-Likely-Will-Never-Show-Up-Because-Of-The-Movie-verse:

The Trinity: Clark Kent/Superman, Bruce Wayne/Batman & Diana Prince/Wonder Woman:

I don't think I need to go into too much detail on why this is a long shot, but, hey, if there can be 2 Flashes in existence on both the small screen & the big screen, why can't there be a TV version of SuperCavill, Batfleck & Wonder Gadot?

King Orin/Arthur Curry/[Aquaman](movie:264237):

Just like the Trinity, why can't we have 2 Aquamans at the same time?

Victor "Vic" Stone/Cyborg:

I believe i have said this twice now, why can't we have 2 versions?

The CW-verse Villains For The CW League:

Remember how I talked about having a TV movie between the TV seasons & how I said I'll talk about it later? Well, here it is! The time to talk about things nobody wants to hear! My thoughts in, what I hope, a quick summary. After the shows are done filming the season they are on, the cast takes a week or 2 for a break, then return to film a 2-hour timeslot movie surrounded by the TV League. Make it where they only film a TV League movie, take a year or 2 to make the next one & repeat. For example, the first TV League movie, hypothetically, 2015, the second, 2017 or 2018 & the third, 2019 or 2020 & so on & so forth. Now onto the villains!

#1: Buddy Blank/OMAC/OMAC Project

Now with all of the Easter Eggs pointing towards Buddy Blank's involvement in the future of 'Arrow', it would kinda hard to not include him in this list. With Ray Palmer reading over blueprints & such of The O.M.A.C. Project & Felicity involved in creating the Brother Eye virus, this seemed like the obvious choice for the first villain to bring the TV/CW League together.

#2: Amazo:

Yes, yes. Ivo "died" in season 2 of 'Arrow', but we also seen Malcolm Merlyn die in front of us. Explain that without using the Lazarus Pit as an excuse? You can't, can you? We just have to accept that if we don't see a character brutally die like Tommy, they can still be out in the world some where. So, I think it would be awesome as hell if we got Amazo verses the TV/CW League! Imagine if Ollie just started shooting arrows like "Die robot! I'm the fucking Arrow! Die!" but nothing happens except Ollie getting thrown on his ass. Ah, magic.

#3: The Injustice League/Injustice Society:

Count Vertigo, Gorilla Grodd, Zoom, Atomic Skull, Killer Frost, etc. All on one team set out to finish their most hated foes, the Justice League/Society! It would be the perfect third movie-style villain due to the fact that by the time the third one would come out, a crap ton of villains would already be out there to group together. Then, if there was to be a fourth TV League movie made it could help set up the Justice League 2 in the movie-verse by starting the Crisis On Infinite Earths story. Watching as the worlds collide on TV first then having curiosity as to what happens next internally forcing you to go see Justice League 2 where we get SuperCavill, Batfleck, Wonder Gadot, The Ezrash, CyFisher & AquaMamoa interacting with Green Amell, The Grash, Black Cassidy, The Atouth & FirestRobbie. Magic! But, I reach. And I reach with passion.

Well, that's it on my random thought. Please tell me your disgust in the gootch down below! Thank you for wasting your time & have a blessed day!


Who do you want in the TV League most?

After Thought:

I totally forgot about one specific character that has been hinted at in 'The Flash' recently...

Nathaniel Adam/Captain Atom:

The man that can suck Firestorm dry! Can control practically anything & everything just by being near it! He can absorb any type of nuclear radiation & can survive on just farting, if he wanted to! Doesn't need food, water or sleep to continue kicking ass & taking names!


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