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These are not old promos from the 2009 movie, "9."

Let me repeat that. These are not promotional images. These are not dolls or standees or any kind of animation or Photoshop.

THESE ARE COSPLAYERS. There are people in these sackdoll costumes, who physically made these amazing cosplays, taking the tiny characters from the 2009 film "9" and sizing them up, making them work, and keeping an astonishing level of detail that mimics the look and feel of the original film.

I first came across this amazing cosplay shoot collection on tumblr, and had to look up the group. They're The Shiro Kuro Gang, a cosplay group that posts their shoots primarily on DeviantART. According to their dA, the cosplayers are listed as follows:

Cosband Shiro-Kuro Gang & Hanrei
1 - Di
2 - OllieT
3 - Nene
4 - Abigail
5 - Ita Akvarel
6 - Sam
7 - Nagi
8 - Pushkin
9 - Keisy
Photo by KSerg
Editor - Ita Akvarel

In exploring their gallery, I found that they've done a lot of other amazing cosplay projects, but this is the one that really jumped out at me. "9" is a great film that definitely deserves more love, and it's wonderful to see it getting the royal cosplay treatment here. Thank you, ShiroKuroGang!

Check out some of the images below!


Pretty cool, right?


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