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The Horror Honeys

"Shokuzai" is a 5 episode Japanese TV series about the murder of Emili, a young girl killed while playing with a group of friends after leaving the group with a stranger. Her death leaves the inhabitants of a small Japanese village in shock. The murder is never solved, but Emili's mother, Asako (Kyoko Koizumi), blames her daughter's playmates and when they claim to not be able to remember the killer's face, Asako puts a curse on the four girls. Each of the girls, in their own way, will do their penance for their silence. Deeply struck by the words of Asako and burdened with her curse, the four girls are forced into adulthood which eventually triggers a tragic chain of events.

Part tragic murder mystery, part thriller, and part revenge tale, Penance looks intriguing, and I'm going to try to find it...


What did you think of the Penance trailer?


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