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Today in cosplay excellence we're taking a retro turn with baseball bombshell Batwoman! Here we have an amazing costume and makeup created and modeled by cosplay artist Gillykins, in a photo shoot with Think.Nu. I was blown away by how well this artist adhered to the look and feel of the original, while giving readers a look into her creative process.

On the photo descriptions on her official tumblr, Gillykins sheds some light on her process and thoughts on her creations:

I feel in love with Bombshell Batwoman's design the moment I saw it.
I decided to style the full costume after vintage woman’s baseball uniforms and the movie A League of Their Own. I did some slight modern updates to keep it Batwomans style, like the a-symmetrical front + piping. I hand embroidered the Gotham Knights crest on the front of the uniform and bat symbol on my hat. I also did an overhaul on my bat which included sanding off all the logos and old finish, painting on the new design and finishing it with some fresh coats of varathane.

Contacts: Color Vue: Solar Blue (
Wig: Arda Matilda- Apple Red

What strikes me most about this entire work of art is how true Gillykins stayed to the original designs and compositions, from the costuming and makeup to the image production. Check out these two for comparison!

She also lets readers in on some of the work that went into the crafting of the costumes:

Since the artwork only shows her from the back I’m taking some liberties with the designs. I’m drawing inspiration from vintage women's baseball uniforms and adding a modern edge, because its Batwoman.

I’ve made the front closure asymmetrical and fitted it closer to the body, unlike the more loose fitting vintage uniforms. I’m hand embroidering my Gotham Knights crest for the front of my uniform. I’m not the best at embroidering but you have to do it to get better!

I found her work-in-progress photos just as interesting as the finished product as well. Here are two pics of the unfinished costume:

As always, I'm glad to find talented, brilliant fans who dedicate their time and energy to showing their passion for beloved characters and stories. Rock on, Gillykins!


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