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I grew up with Horror..I saw A Nightmare On Elm Street when I was 4 Yrs old. I also grew up with Tales from the Crypt. Every episode was so awesome(excluding season 7) The twists at the end, the amazing FX. It is a show that will live on forever..I even had John Kassir(Cryptkeeper) create my voicemail! Horror has been my inspiration for so many things in life and filmmaking and I wish horror would go back to its bloody roots instead of all the Paranormal and Exorcism films out there now. Out of all the Elm Street films I think part 2 is the scariest was outside of the box, it had really creepy scenes like the gym teacher shower kill and the end with the school bus was a great way to change things up in the series. Horror films are my passion and I will continue to create new films, better, bloodier gore fx and bring fresh new ideas and creative kills to the genre!


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