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Today's round of amazing fanart is thanks to incredible digital artist Justin Currie and his alternate versions of well-known characters. I was blown away by the attention to detail, and how he manages keep the look, feel, and spirit of the original designs while giving each piece his own definite interpretation and flair.

I first came across his outstanding superhero robot collection on tumblr, but you can check out the art directly at Currie's official DeviantART page for even more amazing fanart - I'm really digging the Final Fantasy robot series. (The images are still small there, but you can download them with a much higher resolution - looks like they'd make great wallpaper.) Enjoy!

Megaman: Would you like to restart?

Project: Strife

Sephiroth and Strife

Gotham Gears: Bane and Catwoman

Gotham Gears: Mr. Freeze and The Penguin

Samus: Day 01

Quick Snack!


Which piece did you like the best?


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