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Does anyone remember Sam and Ana from Season 4 Episode 404 - Indifference?

Well did anyone see him in the premier? I did! He was the first lucky person to get his head bashed and throat sliced open. Sad way for him to go.

The only thing we know is that Rick and Carol gave each of them a gun, but no gun shots were fired. Later on in the episode we find Ana getting feasted on, but what happened to her love? Well now we know! He obviously had gotten captured while out and about...but what happened to him after the town? Or did he get captured while they were all searching for supplies? I don't know.

What about Morgan popping back in? There was a lot of talk and deep down I hoped it was gonna happen...Haha!

What about the walker that looked like Andrea? Could it be?

What do you guys think is going to happen this season? Tell me in the comments!


Did anybody see this awesomeness coming? Are you excited?


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