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Although most consider "A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge" to be a low point in the series (personally I really like the film, I mean those dance moves haha) it has what seems to be a hidden secret or subtext to the film. In many scenes of this movie (which I will go into depth in a moment) seems to be actually about Jesse Walsh and his struggle with homosexuality, now before you leave a comment about how much you think I'm jumping to conclusions or something hateful hear me out first and then do whatever you please.

Firstly one must remember that this film came out in 1985 when people were not as accepting as they are now and you could expect a person of his age to not be so open about his preferences, alright so here we go. First off the caption on the films poster was "The Man of Your Dreams Is Back" now this doesn't necessarily mean anything but when you read some of the other things that happened during this film you might ask yourself how these words should be taken. During the film there is a scene where Jesse gets his pants pulled down by his "friend" and then in retaliation he tackles him and seemingly tries to pull off his shirt which isn't how I fight but who knows.

Then you finally get a good look at Jesse's room one thing you'll notice is his "No Chicks Allowed" sign on his wall, now I'm still not claiming anything yet but I'll go on. When Lisa enters he happens to be doing this ridiculous dance and it is absolutely hilarious but his choice of clothing and dancing style might give us a better picture of who Jesse really is.

At some point during the movie Jesse is actually controlled by Freddy himself and they end up at an S&M club where his jerk of a gym teacher apparently goes to, he then gets some revenge on this terrible low life by stripping him naked in a shower and beating him with a towel until he bleeds to death (I assume) which seems like a weird punishment given the place he found him at and whatnot. Now here is the only real sign I think you can take out of this film in all seriousness, there is a scene at a pool party where his "girlfriend" Lisa is trying to take there relationship a little bit farther but Jesse gives her the cold shoulder and instead goes to his "friends" house and then proceeds to say to him "something is trying to get in my body" now again the words don't matter but more about the act of leaving his girlfriend to see his best friend.

Now you must ask yourself what does all this mean? Personally I think it's just coincidental and wasn't meant to be taken in that way, but in all honesty I hope the main character was in fact gay because I think it would be interesting to have more diversity and character in horror movies. It truly matters not what the subtext of this movie was or wasn't as it happened to be a great film and had some of the best special effects in the whole run of films and that is what I really remember this film for.

Let me know what you think, leave a comment below if you have any questions or even if you just want to tell me how much you like the film and remember "You Are All My Children Now!"


Is Jesse Walsh Gay?


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