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Warner Bros. Pictures Has Released The Release Dates For Their Upcoming DC Comics Films! Let's Face It You're Probably Just Here For The Dates!

Batman Vs. Superman - 2016

The Suicide Squad - 2016

Wonder Woman - 2017

The Justice League Part l - 2017

The Flash - 2018

Aquaman - 2018

Shazam - 2019

The Justice League Part ll - 2019

Cyborg - 2020

And As The Concluding Film,

Green Lantern - 2020

My Thoughts On The List, I Think It's Pretty Good! Green Lantern Is Most Likely To Be A Reboot From The, And I Think Most People Can Agree, Terrible Film Starring Ryan Reynolds. I'm Excited For Cyborg Which Is Set To Be A Stand-Alone Film, That Looks Pretty Good! And I Just Want To See Aquaman Just To See How Something Like That Can Be A Dark DC Movie!


Which Film Are You Most Excited For!

Let Me Know What Should Be A DC Comics Movie, That Hasn't Happened Yet, In The Comments!


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