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After announcing that Ewan McGregor is in the mix, variety has announced 5 more actors that are desired for portraying [Doctor Strange](movie:559685) – and some of them are actually interested in the role.

Thus, Ewan McGregor is said to already making the research for the role. In the meantime, Jared Leto is also very interested in playing a mystical character, while Jake Gyllenhaal is looking for a superhero film because that won’t be in the tone of his most recent ones (as in dark).

All the actors pictured below are pursued, in a way or another, by Marvel for portraying the Sorcerer Supreme. However, it isn’t certain how the studio will convince, say, Matthew McConaughey to sign a multiple picture deal (after all, Joaquin Phoenix refused exactly because of this).

Doctor Strange Actors
Doctor Strange Actors

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