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First off we already have a handful of characters, and who's going to be playing them. So I thought I'd sort of finish up/put my input in. Lets begin!

Superman/Clark Kent - Henry Cavil

Obviously hes gonna be reprising his role as Superman which is cool. You also just gotta love his new suit right?

Batman/Bruce Wayne - Ben Affleck

Now, I still sort of wish Christian Bale would've reprized the role as the caped crusader but all things have to indeed come to an end...After much thought, I think Ben, hopefully, is going to boss this role. Do you see the costume and the Bat-mobile? The story there going with sounds pretty tasty. He's in his mid-40s, Robin has been dead for a while, but what else?

Wonder Woman/Princess Diana - Gal Godot

Another sucky casting in my opinion, she wouldn't be my first choice, but I thought Jaimie Alexander would have been the great.

Cyborg/Victor "Vic" Stone - Ray Fisher

Something about him just doesn't seem right...I mean sure he is pretty cool looking, but not my top-dude to play him. (More muscle, Please!) But what ever...They all know what their doing.

The Flash/Barry Allen - Grant Gustin

Now nobody knows if this is gonna happen or not, but with the T.V. show scooping up ratings, I wouldn't be surprised if he would make the team...He just totally bosses as Barry in my opinion! He is and has been my favorite superhero since I was a wee one. Love the costume and the story of the show!

Green Arrow/Oliver Queen - Stephen Amell

This hasn't been confirmed yet either, but I mean he totally deserves to! Both the Flash and Arrow shows are bringing in alot of views and characters that have never appeared on screen before.

Green Lantern/John Stewart - David Ramsey

I know what some of you are going to say...but yes I think he'd be an incredible Lantern. Aren't most of the comics they're basing Arrow off of include both Green Arrow and Lantern? A while ago I came across this picture, and the picture said(reminds me off the five little monkeys) 'What if we found out John "Diggle" is just a nickname given to him in the army and his last name is Stewart...' After seeing that my mind farted. Didn't Dwayne"The Rock" Johnson say that he wasn't going to be Green Lantern because they had already picked someone?

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What about J'onn J'onzz a.k.a. Martian Manhunter? Who would be an awesome choice?


What character are you most excited for?


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