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(Before I get started on this I just want to say let's put our differences aside and focus on the topic at hand when it comes to TOO MUCH FOCUS ON THIS MOVIE! No matter what you think of [Man of Steel](movie:15593), the cast, this movie, future movies, or anything else.)

Anyway, There are a lot of things WB revealed about the upcoming DC films...

...And the official casting of the Flash!

Please be Wally West!

Ok... So we can all say that there was a lot revealed. Every time I go on the social network, all I see is new speculations and rumors about [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) (That's not all I see, but you get the point.) There is much being revealed about a movie that is less than 2 years away! There really isn't one day when multiple shots of the sets aren't released, new character are rumored to be there, or new plot rumors. Let's just throw these out there right now since someone already has....

I'm not a person who hate spoilers because I can enjoy a movie without being spoiled usually... but there constantly releasing rumors, speculations, and set photo that get more fans worried than they already are. To top that off, WB released there movie slate, so in a way, nothing is kept secret!

It's bad enough anything DC does is seen as a weak plot, copying Marvel, unoriginal, or "relying on Batman and Superman."

That's not even the worse part. What they should have done was release their movie line up at New York Comic-Con (which is not that bad actually.)

Fans are constantly talking about Batman vs Superman, regardless if they say they're going or not going to see it. This is the project that will make or break the DC Cinematic Universe, stop trying to make fans worried about it! That's probably why Zack Synder put up a barricade for one scene in the movie.

To all the people stirring up rumors, speculation and everything, remember the people who still say that they want to see this film. Now, image if more and more people get turned off from this movie because you pull up more rumors and set photos that would spoil the movie. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying stop completely. There will always be appearances leading to theories then leading into rumors and speculation.

What I'm saying is it happens TOO much! They follow every... little... detail there is about the film. A lot of us fans just want to be pleasantly surprised at good performances and good plot, but if more "rumored" plot detail are being told... that's a problem. Not even the Avengers: AoU gets that much buzz and it's being released a year before!

Not only that, DC can't afford NOT to make an impact with a surprisingly amazing movie. Marvel talks trash about DC... everyone applauds them. DC talks trash about Marvel... everyone hates them for it!

How about we slow down the releases, but let's be honest now... it's probably not going to happen. If you guys want this to slow down... SHARE THIS!

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