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Well 2014 is almost at an end, and a lot of movies have come out in the summer, and what a summer of action it has been. You have Captain America Winter's Solider, you have Amazing spiderman 2. We have another transformer movie, and Guardians of the Galaxy, which got me hooked on a feeling. TMNT came out along with all the other movies. (BTW If you have seen TMNT leave a comment down below letting me know how it was.) Seriously what a summer of epicness it has been, and there are still quite a few more movies left in the year 2014, you have The final Hobbit movie, and Interstellar by Christopher Nolan. With all these amazing movies that have come out, I would say I'm looking forward to what Marvel has to offer next year more then anyone. I'm also excited to see what DC plans to bring up in the next few years. However I've come across a certain issue, that I think is becoming a problem in the movie industry. What may that problem be you might ask? Reboots. Especially in a lot of comic book based movies. Batman has been rebooted so many times, you'd think they would put it to rest. Especially after Christopher Nolan's fantastic adaptation to it. We also have superman, which to be fair hasn't been rebooted as much.

Much recently Sony has rebooted the Spider man franchise, and I think they did an excellent job in rebooting it. However with the recent release of TASM2 it got a lot of back lash from critics and fans alike. You either liked it or you hated it. Me personally I think it did the comic book origin (For the most part.) Justice. Sure there were some parts in the movie that seemed a bit rushed. However for the most part I was able to look past that all. Then you have Man of Steel which came out a year earlier then TASM2 which got the same treatment stating that the movie was to unoriginal. They stated that it just wasn't superman. Spoilers down below, so if you haven't seen the Man of steel yet skip this small part.

Some say Superman killing Zod was not Superman like at all in Man of Steel. They say his destructiveness was another reason why people hated Superman. Also lets not forget the most unforgivable part about this new reboot, WHERE ARE THE RED UNDERPANTS, OH THE INHUMANITY OHHHHHHHHHH.

Me Personally I think Man of Steel did a good job in describing the origin of superman, so somebody like me who hasn't read the comics at all would get a good understanding of what the whole idea of Superman was all about. However with all this being said, let me get to my main point of the reason why I am making this post.

So with these new reboots just being freshly pulled out of the box of which is film making, there are rumors that Marvel is trying to get the rights of Spiderman back from Sony. Which to be honest would be pretty cool, then we could get a spiderman cameo in the Avengers. However there is also rumor about replacing Andrew Garfield as Spider man. Seriously??? The reboot has only been alive for two solid years, and the creators did a splendid job on the whole deal. Now I say rumors very highly, so none of you freak out and tell me to take a hike. I don't think the rumors about recasting Andrew are true, and here is why. He understands how to play the role of Spiderman so well, some may say he whined to much, and wasn't a strong character. I disagree, he understood who peter parker was, and how to play spiderman. His character build up was spot on, with his relationships with the other actors and actresses was amazing.

However if the rumors are true about a reboot, I will be disappointed. Not just because they would be putting a nail in the coffin of something that could be great, but because this all to common disease for some movie franchises is just getting out of hand, and that is reboots. So what is a reboot?

A reboot is when a movie franchise has either ran its course, and they want to get fresh new actors and actresses to take up the roles, or the movie is a complete hit and miss at the box office, and results in making a whole new series hoping to learn from past mistakes, ehhh do I really need to remind you guys of the dancing peter parker? you can just click that link and shake your head in remembrance of that ever happening. So with me still ranting about reboots, what am I trying to get at here? Well in all honesty I think all these reboots are starting to wear me out, don't get me wrong I still have a huge respect for anybody willing to take on the challenge in redoing something that has been done already. However I think there needs to be a fine line between what is okay to reboot, and what should just be left alone.

Lets not forget the new batman that is coming out with Ben Affleck, the guy is playing batman, and a lot of people are skeptic about him doing a good job, considering that Christopher Nolan just finished making his trilogy on Batman. You'd think we would maybe wait 10 years or so before even jumping into making another batman movie. This is becoming a problem with so many movie franchises, we barley get a chance to breathe before a whole new reboot is shoved in our face. So why are there so many reboots to begin with?

Well in order to answer that we would have to understand this, that someone who has a vision for the franchise which they are bringing back to life, can do a better job, or add more to the franchise, which the past movies failed to do. So they reboot it hoping that the movie will be a huge success both in box office, and with the fans. However that is the modest way of coming at rebooting something, another entire reason is for the money.

These people don't give a crap about making the reboot any better then its predecessor. They just want to jump into a quick money grab to make more crappy movies, however I am being a bit harsh here, but to a degree this is true. I find it a disgrace when someone doesn't do a movie any justice when making a reboot, because their mind was on the money. So moving on from that let me get to my next point in this problem of reboots. You can't teach an old dog new tricks.

So yes we will probably have a couple more spiderman reboots, Batman, Superman, Any movie franchise you hold dear, that you can think of, will probably have a reboot. Unless its a classic that no one would dare trying to reboot, because there is nothing you could possibly add to making it better. However with each reboot there is only so much you can possibly do, with the characters, with story plot, with character development. Why you may ask? Because it has been done so many times, it will get hard to truly add anything new to the reboot.

Sure you can bring in some new actors and actresses who will bring a fresh look to the reboot, add some sick effects here and there, make a great screen play. Make it a huge success in the box office, however the reboot isn't going to add much to whats already been done. After a franchise has been rebooted so many times. Eventually people will grow tired of a new reboot, because they have already seen what is being offered in the reboot of the movie.

In conclussion I must make a disclaimer, I'm not saying all reboots are bad, and lead to nothing great. That is not the point I'm trying to make at all, my point is this, we are having way to many reboots to handle. Sure throw a dog a bone, and maybe he'll learn a new trick, but keep throwing him a bone and telling him to do the same trick over and over again, the trick will eventually just fade away. Nothing new or facinating will be added on to the trick. Or in this case movie reboots. Maybe I'm dreaming way to hard, but I would love to see a day when we could put down the mantle for certain movie franchises and just let it stay where its at, not wanting to pick it up again, just admiring the movie franchise for what it was, not what it is to become.

So tell me what do you think about movie reboots? Do you think they can add more to something thats already been done before, or do you think some reboots are just an excuse to make easy money? Let me know in the poll down below. As always your comments are always welcomed, I could always use the constructive criticism


Do you think Movie Reboots should just stop?


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