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"When there's trouble you know who to call... 911?"

So here I am once again pulling you deeper into my chaotic mind. I again am spending the day trolling family on facebook when I clicked on an Moviepilot hyperlink. I found a story that gave me butterflies in my belly as if I was seeing my first crush all over again.

TNT might pick up the titans! "Whaaa!" I pulled out my cellphone faster than a speeding bullet and called all of my friends and we all pilled into our best friend Mikey's Van. (Side not it reminds me of a pedo van but thats besides the point.)

So as we devoured a few boxes of pizza our discussion was on our favorite hero team the Titans. I being over aggressive and motherly protective of Nightwing turned the discussion into a debate over who was the better leader. "We all know it was Dick Grayson." And after three walkouts and another order of "Peace." pizza's we set out a plan on how the show should run.

We would need a team mixed of older heros and younger heros. Heros like Cyborg to lead and direct the less mature heros like Bestie. Because you can't just have thirteen year old running around without powerful leadership we lose lives like that hero and civilians alike.

And for the tone of the show we would love for it to be balanced. Say during a fight scene you have darker tones like gotham because the team is trying to save lives while staying alive himself. But you have to remember that these are a bunch of kids who are coming to light away from the sidekick mantle. They need fun adventurous moments like a bunch of freshmen in college, yeah you know the things you did the moment your parents left you on move in day. "Wink wink."

So we pilled our list together had a few votes and finally we had out TNT cast for the Titans. I want to add this don't tell the crew but I was thinking the plot could be the resurrection of Trigon, beings from Azarath invading the city and the Titans hunting down the Church of Blood members. This could lead to them finding Raven who could be a standby character but never fully accepting the team until after Trigons defeat.

Corbin Bleu

Ok for this article I will not be focusing too much on the actor but more on the character. For the Show I want Cyborg to lead the show the brains and brawns of the team but have the will to lead them into suicide missions and bring them out alive. He has to be a bit older and more rugged to have knowledge that there are people out their trying to kill or destroy and there is no restart button on the team lives.

P.s I found this redesign on comicvine and thought that looks [email protected]

Beau Mirchoff

I can feel the anger from people way before I say this. I kinda don't care too much for the Superfamily... Blasphemy I know! But I think I was so Immersed in the Bat World that when I started reading the Superfamily books I didn't get the same feelings. But there was something about Superboy he has had a hard life this has changed him into someone who see's the real world for what it is. On the show we would love if like Cyborg he has a leadership role guiding the team but still enabling them to be kids to smoke a cig like the cool guys in a sense.

Sophie Turner

I have always had an affection for this beautiful orange creature... oh wait no that's not Snookie from the Jersey shore thats StarFire. Oh well I liked her also The Teen Titans cartoon show was a great portrayal of her but we would like the show to go in a different direction. In this universe Star Could be more of an Feminist Activist leading the way for young female powers. She should have a strong attitude like Wonder woman because like her she can stand in a fight with the big boys and look gorgeous and frightening while doing it.

Jake T Austen

Wally "Mutha truck'n" West Oh he is hilarious I love how he is portrayed in the animated series of Young Justice. And would love this to play over to the show. We need the young hot head who can crack jokes in a "Flash." (See what I did there?) But he have to have times on screen as they all do when he is compared the Barry Allen and this should upset him because now that they have become older and ventured out they want their own stars in the sky and not just a blog reading "The Flash sidekick saved the day." so when this happens we need to see him becoming more aggressive in battle that could maybe lead to jeopardizing the mission.

Billy Unger

Robin or better yet Tim Drake. I can hear batman songs playing whenever I see these guys. Ok So for this we need this to go with our last character. He has recently left the Bat and is trying to find his footing in the world we need to see a young man who is very determined to live up to his predecessors (Well some of them.) And one day surpass them. Because he stepped into the shoes that were well worn he joined to titan to prove himself to the world and mostly to Batman because the man has had sidekicks galore and he wants to stand out. So on missions he tries his best to be the best. Only to be reminded that everyone times come when they are ready or they learn the hard way.

Logan Grove

Beastie! Oh my boy Beastie he has to be the shows adorable little T-rex. We would love his portrayal to be more on par with the show Teen titans go. Where he lives a carefree life and is so animated because this is what he have wanted all along a family of misfits to call his own. And so with them he can become his self the playful vegan rascle that we all love.

Emily Osment

Cassie Sandsmark Wonder Girl. For this we want to take an alternate route with her character and have it develop more during the seasons. We want to have her come onto the team as a bit of revenge, Ok follow me here She and Superboy recently split and she found out that he was joining this new minor Justice league and thought what would piss him off more than joining the team? And once on the team she does everything she can to try and outshine him and in private when he is trying to mac on the ladies "Cockblock" him. She needs to be the Brenda Walsh of the show, but as the series goes on she realize that it means nothing and starts doing things for her own reasons. Leaving Superboy chasing her and not the other way around.


For this He wont be an official team member but just a hero who lends a hand when things become too hairy for the team. Static Will be the older mentor of the group there if they need a shock bomb or even an shoulder to cry on. Static on the show would be older and more mature becoming more of a figure head along with guys like Arrow and Lantern. And the team can call him whenever they need him.

Danny LaShep as Nightwing

And finally Nightwing Dick Grayson. He wont be an official member of the team but he will control it he would be the person who started the team recruited them all and financed it all while working with his own agenda. Dick at this time of his life is falling down a rabbit hole not knowing who he can trust so he created the team to help him. At this time of his life Dick has been through so much from losing Barbara to Jason going all red hood on the family and finally losing Bruce and having to take on the Mantle or cowle he should be a darker more brooding man. But now that Bruce has returned he is trying to make sense of things but how can you fix a shattered diamond? The Titans thats who! buuuuuuuut I'm just a nerd what do I know? :)


What tone should the show take dark or light hearted?


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